Top Ten Ways to Describe the Weather Which Also Describe Peoples' Moods and Personalities

Some people are all of these in one day! Feel free to add any I've missed.

The Top Ten

1 Sunny
2 Warm
3 Tempestuous

I know me somebody,
So far from the norm.
Goes from a sweetheart,
To a wig-blowin' storm.
(But t'ain't never dull;).

4 Calm

Only on the outside. On the inside, I'm usually unconscious:).

5 Miserable

Is this a recognized meteorological condition? ;).

6 Unpredictable

The weather isn't always what it might seem.

Predictably unpredictable. Swear, ya need an algorithm t'keep up with some... stormy critters:).

7 Frosty

"... the Snowman, was a jolly, happy soul...":).

8 Hot

When y'are, you is:).

9 Bright

For some of us, particularly after a "murky" night, a "bright" day often begins by gettin' our boots on the right feet on the first try. After that, it's all gravy;).

10 Dull

The Contenders

11 Thunder 'n' Lightnin'

Haha this actually sounds like a lot of fun! :). - Britgirl

'Swhen ya try firin'-up a seegar after three bowls o' five-alarm chili:).

12 Blue Moon

'Swhat ya git when it's winter an' y'ain't blessed wit' indoor plumbing:).

13 Stifling
14 Stormy

Sometimes, clouds lie.

15 Cold
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