Top 10 Ways to Destroy Barbie Dolls

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1 Throw them in the fireplace

burying it, freezing it, drowning it are nice... but burning a Barbie is the only way to kill it for sure. - VADERtheIMPALER

I made the list and I say this is the way barbies will die quicker - foxrocks

I hate Barbie dolls so I would do that

Throw them and shoot them with your sniper is better.

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2 Put them in the microwave for a long time

I've never done this, but I've seen it. its awesome.

3 Rip off their head, arms and legs

I do that with my bratz dolls lol - FrozenisOverrated

I always do this

When I was a kid, I popped my Barbie doll's head out and I'd make her hair go up - MLPFan

This is the best way to destroy them alwrite

4 Freeze them in water

cool love to break Barbie Dolls

5 Throw them in a wood chipper


This should be number one best way ever! They would be in little bits all over the place

It totally rocks! But numbers 1,2&3 are also good.


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6 Give it to your dog to chew up

My French bulldog loves them

Try the pit bull to chew them up

7 Bury them in the snow

It's should be done in Alaska as a polar bear could eat it - Ldrago

8 Bury them in the dirt

This would be very fun to do and maybe years later someone in the future will dig it up

I cannot say any thing bad about that!

9 Chop them up with knives, axes, etc.

I love the number six on your list
because it is more active

You can also play baseball and cricket withit. - Ldrago

10 Pour corrosive acid on them

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11 Tape them on a nasa space ship and let them took off to outer space
12 Melt their bodies with a blow torch
13 Throw them out the window
14 Throw them in the garbage composer
15 Throw them in the ocean

And they get eaten by sharks

16 Blow them apart with firecrackers

All of this works well with Barney, Elmo, and other annoying dolls, too. Don't forget!

I did this once. Took a while, but it was grotesque when we were finished. Then I buried it in the dirt.

17 Slice them with a chainsaw
18 Throw them in a meat grinder
19 Smash them with a sledgehammer
20 Squish them with a metal vise
21 Tie a fork on them and throw them up in the air in a thunder storm
22 Flush them down the toilet

Yes, I would love to see this.

I will also like to put her shark pool.

23 Throw them in a black hole

I would love to see someone try this

24 Burn them with a magnifying glass
25 Throw Them In a Mine Field


26 Beat them with a crowbar

This is how Freeman would do it.

27 Throw Them In a Tornado
28 Burn them
29 Shoot them with a gun

Toss 'em in the air and blow them apart! - Norrisofchuck

Love this idea

30 Drive a Jeep, steam roller, bulldozer, etc over them.
31 Put them in hot tar
32 Throw them in a volcano
33 Tie two chains to them and pull them apart

She'll be ripped apart

34 Throw them into a jet turbine
35 Tape them to an oxygen tank

Do NOT try this at home.

36 Tie them to a bunch of balloons so they float away
37 Have a baby chew them up
38 Throw them in the middle of a freeway
39 Use a Thomas The Tank Engine toy to run over the doll with its wheels
40 Chop off its head, carve a hole in the doll so that it is hollow, stuff the hole with food
41 Launch them to the sun
42 Throw them in a blender with some fruit and turn it on
43 Blow them up
44 Feed them to a shark
45 Run them over with a car
46 Leave them in a meteor shower
47 Melt them in a volcano
48 Set them on fire
49 Break them into tiny pieces and then flush them down the toilet
50 Punch them really hard
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