Top 10 Ways to Destroy a CD of Watch Me by Silento

I Really HATE this song so here are ways to destroy this piece of crap they call "Music"

The Top Ten

Burn it
Smash it to pieces with a hammer

LOL, Screw This Song And Silent - VideoGamefan5

Throw it in a woodchipper
Cut it in half with a chainsaw
Blow It Up
Use it as a target for a shooting range
Throw it into a fireplace
Smash it with a crowbar
Throw it into a pool of acid
Cut it with a lightsaber

The Contenders

Run it over with a car
Smash it with a baseball bat
Drop it into a bucket of acid
Drop it into a volcano
Nuke it
Use it as a frisbee
Take a dump on it
Use it as a pizza cutter
Use a shrink ray on it until it is smaller than a molecule
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