Ways to Destroy Homework

Ever hated homework? Now there's millions of ways to destroy homework less than a minute!
Feel free to comment your ideas and opinions!

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1 Burn it up!

Show it all the pain and suffering you have had to deal with for 15+ years. Now let's see how it likes it!

I've always wanted to look for a fire and burn my homework!

Grab your match or lighter and let it burn into ashes! - InfernoTopTenners

I am doing an impossible math question as a write this comment.

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2 Rip apart

I do this in front of my classmates.

Me to

3 Throw it outside
4 Boil it

Wouldn't the whole stove catch on fire? It's not safe for you house, but at least the homework is gone. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

5 Shoot it with your gun

Would a kid even have a gun? - AnonymousChick

Hand me a AK-47 - SamuiNeko

3D Printers?

6 Stomp it
7 Nuke it

May get hard to get hold off but it's so worth it

Works every time - Haumea


From faraway,looks at a nuke blowing up my homework...
Beautiful - SamuiNeko

8 Crumble it
9 Microwave it

I haven't tested the safety of this method.

10 Let your dog eat it

But wouldn't that cause stomach problems to the dog? - PhoenixAura81

New Dog food, huh?

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11 Launch it to the sun

Hell yeah

12 Drop it from the highest building

It's paper dumbass

That won't do anything to it

13 Flush it down the toilet

If I don't throw it in the trash bin, I flush it down the toilet to clog it.

Haha! Take that teachers! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

14 Cut it apart with a chainsaw


15 Melt it in Liquid Magma

That definitely would work!

16 Let your dog poop on it

Dogs eat their own poo so if you let a dog poo on your homework then your bound to get it eaten by the dog

Just let your dog poop on it like a wee wee pad the end no hw - Ihateschool


17 Put it in a shredder
18 Rip it in half
19 Throw it in the garbage
20 Throw it in a black hole
21 Run it over

That will not work

22 Blow it up


23 Freeze it

Destroying things Cyri style! I like this entry. - Cyri

24 Dip it in a pot of lava
25 Eat it

I would wipe my butt with homework

26 Cut it with a lightsaber
27 Try to push it over a cliff

Wait how am I supposed to push it down the cliff? - Danguy10

28 Quickscope it

With a sniper rifle

29 Poop on it
30 Dissolve it in water
31 Cut it in half with scissors
32 Drop it in a bucket of acid
33 Use it as a target
34 Drop it into a volcano
35 Put it in a woodchipper
36 Put it in hot tar
37 Throw a knife at it
38 Throw it into a jet turbine
39 Cook it
40 Shred it
41 Smash it with a hammer
42 Throw it into a fireplace
43 Throw it into a lake
44 Rip it to pieces and flush them down the toilet
45 Feed it to a shark
46 Put it in a blender
47 Burn it with a magnifying glass
48 Throw it in a mine field
49 Bury it in snow
50 Pour corrosive acid on it
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