Top 10 Ways to Destroy / Kill / Get Rid of Lalaloospy Dolls

For those (Including me) who hate those Stupid Rag dolls from the future. There are ways to end them right now. and for those who liked them. THEN GET OUT OF MY LIST!

The Top Ten

1 Throw them away

That's the best way because we describe them as Garbage!

2 Throw them into a swamp

Maybe the alligators will eat them.

3 Bury them

Just get a shovel and dig a hole and Put the doll in the hole and then put the dirt back and BAM! There gone.

I would do that.I can't believe I used to like Lalaloopsy!

4 Use a lawn mower

Throw them on the ground and use the lawn mower to cut them up.

5 Use them as a punching bag

You could hook them up somewhere or tape them onto a punching bag.

Lol - Orlemley

6 Give them to a little girl

The kindest way if you don't hate the dolls that much.

It's the nicest way to do on the list.

That's a kind thing to do. - andrewteel

7 Burn them with fire

Light them up and BURN THEM ALIVE!

Maybe I should burn them with a blow torsh on a tary

8 Abandon them

Put them somewhere into like a destroyed house or a forest and then they will be Abandoned.

9 Give them to Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber: I'm going to flirt with them hahaaha! - andrewteel

10 Run them over

Use a car and put tem into your driveway and there gone for good.

The Contenders

11 Chop them with a knife

The cotton will leak out of the "lalaloopsy" doll and you will feel like a hybrid polyester murderer

12 Throw them far away

If you have a really good throwing distance, Throw them far away or kick them far away and there gone. Well that's it. I hope you like it. So bye.

13 Eat them

The dogs can use them as a chew toy

14 Shoot them
15 Drive over them with a bulldozer
16 Donate them to an orphanage or a daycare

Really,not only you can finally get rid of them,you'll feel charitable too because you donated something you don't need(but the item isn't broken/looks new)And the Lalaloopsy dolls,they'll be destroyed by little kids - MLPFan

17 Slice them with a chainsaw
18 Melt them in Liquid Magma

We gon' let it burn burn burn burn burn

19 Drown them in lava
20 Have Thanos snap his fingers at them
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