Top 10 Ways to Destroy Monster High Dolls

The Top Ten

1 Throw Them Into a Garbage Bin

I would definitely agree with this. That's what Mattel deserves for weakening the popularity of the amazing movies by making stupid dolls to come with them.

I'd like doing this

These are exspensive dolls at least give them to someone who wants it

2 Throw Them Into Fire

I love burning things- especially plastic, which is all these dolls are. It's the faith that all of you put in the dolls that makes them special. Even the people who say they hate them care about them because they have strong feelings about them. You would only destroy a doll if you have no emotion for it at all. If I hated a doll I would want to torture not it- but the character it portrays. The doll is only plastic and it did no one wrong- it's the faith people have in the character

These are EXPENSIVE! And some of these dolls, like the original lagoona and original Abbey are SUPER RARE! WHY ARE YOU DESTROYING THEM!?

The characters are the rare things. I don't want stupid plastic things that look uglier than the awesome monsters that come out in these amazing movies! - Awesome_Me

3 Dogs Destroy Them

My dog would do this anyway

Release the German Shepards! - nintendofan126

4 Sink Them
5 Cats Destroy Them

I would love to do this. My brother hates them.

6 Send Them to Space In a Balloon

Good times with my dolls. They landed in the fire pit when it was on.

7 Cut by a Chainsaw
8 Burnt by an Oven
9 Rip Off Their Legs Arms and Head

We did that make shure to cut head into peices. Their demonic

10 Flush Them Into the Toilet

That be stupid

The Contenders

11 Throw them into a volcano

Die you weird monster hybrid...things! - RiverClanRocks

I guess take them on your Hawaiian vacation and watch them fall into the majestic Mauna Loa - Haumea

12 Throw Them Into a Lake
13 Freeze Them

That won't do much

14 Bury Them In the Snow
15 Bury Them In Dirt
16 Throw Them In a Wood Chipper
17 Pour Corrosive Acid On Them
18 Melt Their Bodies With a Blow Torch
19 Blow Them Apart With Firecrackers
20 Throw Them Out of the Window
21 Put them into a microwave for a long time
22 Shoot them with a gun
23 Smash them with a sledgehammer
24 Put them in a hot tar
25 Chop them with a knife
26 Throw them in a meat grinder
27 Squish them with a metal vise
28 Drive over them
29 Poop on them
30 Punch them in the face really hard
31 Beat them with a crowbar
32 Feed them to a tiger
33 Burn them with a magnifying glass
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