Top 10 Ways to Destroy a Nicki Minaj Album

The Top Ten

1 Burn It

Lol. I knew this would be first! - Powerfulgirl10

This would be so fun - PeeledBanana

2 Cut It In Half With a Chainsaw
3 Drop It in a Volcano
4 Shred It
5 Melt It
6 Get Some Firecrackers and Blow It Up
7 Smash It with a Hammer
8 Drop It in a Bucket of Acid
9 Run Over It
10 Break It in Half

The Contenders

11 Ask Iggy Azalea to Ride Her Bike Over It

She's good at it, and she can even ride in heels!

12 Donate It to Goodwill

It's not exactly destroying, but if I don't like it, someone will.

At least Ryan Lewis will appreciate it.

13 Use It as a Target
14 Pound the Album

Bring the action.

15 Smash It with a Crowbar
16 Blow It Up
17 Throw It Off a Cliff

Preferably where no one goes

18 Use It as a Drink Coaster

It will eventually get damaged

19 Ask Rebecca Black to Trade It in for a Backstage Pass for Her Tour
20 Throw It in the Garbage
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