Best Ways to Die Based on Cartoon Characters

Here are the best ways to die based on cartoon characters (Name, Trait, Personality, or any other characteristic they have.)

The Top Ten

1 Too Much Exploring (Dora)

Dora explores an alien UFO and is taken away. FAR, FARR AWAY. - AlphaQ

She explores the edge of a cliff and falls off. - SteelCity99

She wanders into a bush and DIES - Neonco31

Or Swiper eats her - TwilightKitsune

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2 Absorbing Toxins (SpongeBob SquarePants)
3 Watching the Ring (Peter Griffin)

And that face... - Neonco31

That face! -Vestalis

4 His Money Gets Stolen and He Goes Into a Cash Coma (Mr. Krabs)

And nobody should help him as a punishment for torturing Plankton into suicide - Neonco31

5 Gets Turned Into Pork (Peppa Pig)

Alas. I can eat one of my most hated cartoon characters - Neonco31

And eaten by her family - TwilightKitsune

There's one f()cked episode where Peppa pig gets addicted to bacon and eats her dad. what. - AlphaQ

6 Mousetrap (Jerry Mouse)
7 A Random Way (Kenny)

He dies in a random way at the end of every episode - Neonco31

Oh my god! They killed Kenny! YOU BASTARD. - AlphaQ

OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED KENNY! YOU BASTARDS *points at peppa pig*.-Vestalis

8 Farting Too Much He Explodes (Sanjay)

Sanjay would eg dead by 3 seconds. - AlphaQ

9 Sonic Rainboomed (Rainbow Dash)

Sorry, but my new favorite is Fluttershy (Rarity is next). I still like Dash but I would like her more if she would stop being a jerk - Neonco31

I would like to see this - TwilightKitsune

10 Cooked to Chili (South Park)

Who's the character you're mentioning? - Neonco31

The Contenders

11 Destabilizing Him (Danny Phantom)
12 Overeating (Chowder)

Seriously, Chowder eats everything! - Neonco31

13 Spirit Bombed (Goku)
14 Stab Himself With His Own Sword (Mike The Knight)
15 Too much holding on to go to the bathroom (Nina: Nina Needs To Go!)
16 Doing Too Many Pull Ups (Rigby)
17 Choking on a Lollipop (Pops)
18 Hallucinating an actual axe into a guitar and murdering self with it (Jammer Lammy)
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