Top Ten Ways to Die Involving Song Titles


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1 Get Mauled by the Black Dog

But Sirius was a good guy... - Cyri

2 Wake Up Dead
3 Suffocate Being Trapped Under Ice
4 Fall Down the Stairway to Heaven

One of the best ways to make a LZ joke is talking about the Stairway to Heaven - MrQuaz680

I would have voted for "get shot by 21 guns"

5 Get Run Over by a Red Barchetta

That's pretty funny! Nice Rush reference. - Pony

Never thought I'd see Rush...
Hope in humanity restored 1 point.

6 Killed by the Master of Puppets In Hangar 18, 22 Acacia Avenue

This One Was Pretty Cool - FettiMC

Master of Puppets - Metallica
Hangar 18 - Megadeth
22 Acacia Avenue - Iron Maiden - Metal_Treasure

7 Killed by the Killer Queen

You know, because she's a killer queen, dynamite with a lazer beam! - keyson

8 Get Executed South of Heaven by the Metal Militia
9 Get Sucked Into the Void
10 Get Poisoned by Lithium

The Contenders

11 Killed by the Keeper of the Seven Keys Somewhere Out In Space
12 Get Sucked Into the Lungs of Hell by a Miracle Machine During a Ride Into Obsession

Into The Lungs of Hell - Megadeth
Miracle Machine - Blind Guardian
Ride Into Obsession - Blind Guardian - Metal_Treasure

13 Get Bitten by the Mad Dog In a Black Night
14 The Four Horsemen Come to Take Your Life
15 Get Run Over by a Human Insecticide Anywhere In the Galaxy
16 Get Swept Away When the Wild Wind Blows
17 Get Nailed to the Wheel by the Cowboys from Hell
18 Getting Run Over by a Crazy Train
19 Get Struck by Lightning When Strolling Around In the November Rain
20 Killed by the Man On a Mission In the Gardens of the Sinner
21 Cut Yourself with Scissors
22 Shark Attack While Sitting On the Dock of the Bay

Wasting time. You forgot that part. - RiverClanRocks

23 Being Killed by Alexander the Great and the Trooper In a Sea of Madness

Alexander the Great, The Trooper, Sea of Madness (Iron Maiden) - Metal_Treasure

24 Getting Executed by the Beautiful People
25 Getting a Frantic Disembowelment
26 Bleeding Out from Masturbating With Sandpaper
27 Get Your Face Smashed by a Hammer
28 Getting a Rancid Amputation
29 Get a Dose of Poison

I had to add this, it seemed obvious - Shake_n_Bake13

30 Drowning In the Yellow Submarine
31 Being Killed On the Altar of Sacrifice
32 Undergoing a Mandatory Suicide
33 Dying by the Sword
34 Facing the Slayer
35 Being Killed by the Angel of Death
36 Being Stricken With a Disease
37 Dying In the Dope Show
38 Jump In the Fire
39 Get Caught In a Tornado of Souls
40 Get Mauled by All the King’s Horses at the Gates of Babylon

All The King s Horses - Blind Guardian
Gates of Babylon - Rainbow - Metal_Treasure

41 Get Poisoned by Tears of a Mandrake In the Temple of the King

Tears of a Mandrake - Edguy
Temple of the King - Rainbow - Metal_Treasure

42 Get Swept Away by the Ninth Wave of the Wind of Change

The Ninth Wave - Blind Guardian
Wind Of Change - Scorpions - Metal_Treasure

43 Killed by a Killer On the Loose In Chinatown

Killer On the Loose, Chinatown - Thin Lizzy - Metal_Treasure

44 Get Killed by the Creeping Death While Driving On the Highway to Hell On the Day of the Black Sabbath
45 Falling off a Cliff In Kashmir
46 Shocked by High Voltage

High Voltage - AC/DC

47 Suffering the Fate of Norns
48 Getting Torn to Pieces by the Raven That Refused to Sing

Death - Torn To Pieces
Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing

49 Getting Devoured by Vermin On Iced Earth

Devoured By Vermin - Cannibal Corpse
Iced Earth - Iced Earth

50 Getting Sucked Into the Black Hole Sun
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1. Killed by the Master of Puppets In Hangar 18, 22 Acacia Avenue
2. Get Executed South of Heaven by the Metal Militia
3. Killed by the Keeper of the Seven Keys Somewhere Out In Space
1. Get Mauled by the Black Dog
2. Wake Up Dead
3. Fall Down the Stairway to Heaven
1. Wake Up Dead
2. Get Run Over by a Red Barchetta
3. Killed by the Killer Queen

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