Top 10 Ways to Disappoint Your Parents

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1 Posing Nude On the Internet

This should be number 1, I can't think of a worst way to disappoint your parents than posing nude on the Internet expect maybe being a porn star or a prostitute. - egnomac

I did it once and my dad disowned me

Your parents are very protective of you and how others view you as a person... sometimes more than yourself. so why, do some do that knowing they're parents possibly may see them stark naked? It would go like - your name:_____ just posted this picture. In a matter of second half the world and your dad/mum is seeing you in the nude... why bother with clothes at all then?

2 Quitting Grad School Before Finishing

I did it, my parents have a hard time explaining it to their social circle. I feel awful about it

3 Becoming a Porn Star

My parents already hate me so this is a great way to get disowned

4 Dating a Girl/Boy They Hate
5 Betraying Their Trust
6 Getting Arrested

After a time they just don't care

7 Calling On Mother's Day to Ask for Money
8 Getting Drunk
9 Straying From Their Faith

Ex: Not Keeping Kosher

My patents are jewish and I'm an athiest and I swear this list is coming from tje buzzfeed video - Ihateschool

10 Having a Job Making Youtube Videos

Yeah Jacksfilms

I want to do this - Ihateschool


Jacksfilms 100%| but what if the youtuber is a parent and his two sons are both youtubers too? and they have a kissing competion? AKA paul family

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? Getting a B on a Test

Mostly applies to Asian kids

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11 Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is bad and you shouldn't try to disappoint your parents - Ajkloth

12 Doing Drugs

How is this not up there yet?!?!

Well duhh this is bad

13 Drinking In the Morning
14 Moving Back In With Them
15 Listening to Justin Bieber

M'y parents get so annoyed when I listen to JB and I do it just to annoy them and I sing it all high pitched to make it funny

16 Getting an Impractical Graduate Degree

Liberal Arts degree? Haha - djc20

17 Coming Out
18 Watch Anime

Definitely makes you a disappointment

Hehehe me

19 Getting a Tattoo

When my parents first met, they did this prank on my grandparents when they got a removable tattoo and showed it to them at lunch. I can imagine what their faces would have been like... - PositronWildhawk

20 Keeping the Beard
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