Top 10 Ways to Disappoint Your Parents

The Top Ten Ways to Disappoint Your Parents

1 Posing Nude On the Internet

Since this is child pornography, not only will you disappoint your parents big time, you would end up in serious legal trouble. - JoeBoi

This should be number 1, I can't think of a worst way to disappoint your parents than posing nude on the Internet expect maybe being a porn star or a prostitute. - egnomac

My parents would get mad at me if I put any picture of me on the internet.

I did it once and my dad disowned me

2 Quitting Grad School Before Finishing

I did it, my parents have a hard time explaining it to their social circle. I feel awful about it

3 Becoming a Porn Star

My parents already hate me so this is a great way to get disowned

Just illegal to do as a kid though. - JoeBoi

Lol I did they hated me haha


4 Dating a Girl/Boy They Hate

How to disappoint an Asian parent:

Asian girl + black boyfriend

5 Betraying Their Trust

Better run

6 Getting Arrested

After a time they just don't care

Your're aren't (epic backflip)
-Obama 2016

7 Getting Drunk
8 Calling On Mother's Day to Ask for Money
9 Doing Drugs

How is this not up there yet?!?!

Well duhh this is bad

10 Straying From Their Faith

Ex: Not Keeping Kosher

My patents are jewish and I'm an athiest and I swear this list is coming from tje buzzfeed video - Ihateschool

The Contenders

11 Having a Job Making Youtube Videos

I want to do this - Ihateschool

Yeah Jacksfilms


Is this something worth getting disappointed over? No. - JoeBoi

12 Moving Back In With Them

My cousin moved back in with my aunt and he got kicked out, so now he's living with my other cousins. He's 26 years old and I'm not sure if he has a job or a girlfriend anymore.

Since you’re now a responsible adult, don’t even think of moving back in with them. - JoeBoi

13 Watch Anime

My mom watches anime before I did, so basically my dad thinks I'm a disappointment - starryrcad

Haha. I remember I had an anime wallpaper once and in return I got an endless stream of questions from my parents lol

Definitely makes you a disappointment

This is OK but if it's HENTAI then it's a whole different thing...

14 Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is bad and you shouldn't try to disappoint your parents - Ajkloth

15 Coming Out

The easiest way to get disowned

16 Listening to Justin Bieber

M'y parents get so annoyed when I listen to JB and I do it just to annoy them and I sing it all high pitched to make it funny

17 Drinking In the Morning
18 Getting an Impractical Graduate Degree

Liberal Arts degree? Haha - djc20

I got a liberal arts degree and my parents are proud

19 Getting a Tattoo

When my parents first met, they did this prank on my grandparents when they got a removable tattoo and showed it to them at lunch. I can imagine what their faces would have been like... - PositronWildhawk

20 Being Depressed


21 Being a Furry

This is literally how to disappoint anyone.

It's so easy everybody is disappointed in me :D - 0w0uwu

I am a gay furry. Enough said. HELP ME. OwO UwU :3

22 Not Outgrowing The Teletubbies

For me it's not outgrowing cartoons in general.

23 Keeping the Beard
24 Becoming a Mass Murderer
25 Getting a Sex Change
26 Becoming a Feminist

Wage gap is a myth. There are only 3 genders. Male Female and Gmail.

27 Not Watching Anime

I love anime and anime thiddies. My waifu is Bowser Jr

28 Being Irresponsible

That’s all I ever do though.

29 Staying in Your Room All Day

It's annoying staying with the guests in the lounge because it gets so awkward.

My dad is always like "Why do you have to go in your room every time your cousins and relatives come over? ". My relatives can be annoying sometimes when they come over to my house (for example: constant baby talk and being so loud). I go in my room to get away from all the chaos and get some alone time.

I just wish he would understand :(

My mom is OK with me being in my room whenever my relatives are at my house.

30 Twerking
31 Getting a B on a Test

I'm not asian but my parents get a little bit dissapointed because I'm capable of getting an A

Mostly applies to Asian kids

32 Killing Yourself

When I killed myself, my mum screamed at me and grounded me. I don't understand why :(

33 Dirtying Up the House

(On New Year's Eve in 2002-2003? , I was really sick)
Me: (while sitting on the toilet w/diarrhea) I don't feel good, my stomach hurts!
(Suddenly, without warning I threw up all over the bathroom floor)
Me: (crying) because I was too sick to move!
Mom: Great! Now I gotta clean up your vomit! >:(

34 Yelling at a Child

YES! My cousins annoy me, I tell them yo shut up, and my mom is angry at ME.

35 Dropping Out Of High School
36 Walking out of the bathroom after you have a bath or shower when they ask what you're doing say wearing clothes is against my religion
37 Say "I Don't Know"

My mom gets very mad!

My mom askes me something that I have very little to no experience in doing. When I reply with "I don't know", she calls me "useless" or "dumb". VERY INSULTING AND OFFENSIVE! >:(

If you don’t want to disappoint your parents, forget saying that. It’s too clichéd. - JoeBoi

38 Do Something that is Not Academic-Related

Mostly applies to Asian kids

39 Choose Your Own Future

Asian parents always want their kids to be either doctors, lawyers, or engineers

40 Watching Porn

My mom is not happy whenever I watch movies with nudity in it and I'm 26.

That’s for lifeless people. - JoeBoi

41 Breaking Up With a Girlfriend/Boyfriend After They Decide They Like Her/Him
42 Watching Family Guy
43 Playing Grand Theft Auto V
44 Bringing Home Someone They Don't Approve Of

Asian parents if their daughter dates a black guy and brings him over to meet them

45 Play Poptropica in 2017
46 Liking Furbois
47 Acting Like a Kid/Immature
48 Wanting to Meet Your Friends on a Public Holiday

€Hey mum can I meet my friends next Monday? ” “NO! It’s a public holiday you must choose betweeen homework and going shopping! ”

49 Watching a Movie with Nudity in It

I watched "Showgirls" and tried to hide it from my mom because I know she wouldn't approve of it, but she walked in while I was watching it. She was not happy about it. I am 26.

50 Being Lazy
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