Top 10 Ways to Disappoint Your Parents

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1 Posing Nude On the Internet

This should be number 1, I can't think of a worst way to disappoint your parents than posing nude on the Internet expect maybe being a porn star or a prostitute. - egnomac

I did it once and my dad disowned me

Your parents are very protective of you and how others view you as a person... sometimes more than yourself. so why, do some do that knowing they're parents possibly may see them stark naked? It would go like - your name:_____ just posted this picture. In a matter of second half the world and your dad/mum is seeing you in the nude... why bother with clothes at all then?

2 Quitting Grad School Before Finishing

I did it, my parents have a hard time explaining it to their social circle. I feel awful about it

3 Becoming a Porn Star

My parents already hate me so this is a great way to get disowned

4 Dating a Girl/Boy They Hate
5 Getting Arrested

After a time they just don't care

6 Betraying Their Trust
7 Calling On Mother's Day to Ask for Money
8 Getting Drunk
9 Straying From Their Faith

Ex: Not Keeping Kosher

My patents are jewish and I'm an athiest and I swear this list is coming from tje buzzfeed video - Ihateschool

10 Doing Drugs V 2 Comments

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? Being a Furry

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11 Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is bad and you shouldn't try to disappoint your parents - Ajkloth

12 Having a Job Making Youtube Videos

Yeah Jacksfilms

I want to do this - Ihateschool

13 Drinking In the Morning
14 Moving Back In With Them
15 Listening to Justin Bieber

M'y parents get so annoyed when I listen to JB and I do it just to annoy them and I sing it all high pitched to make it funny

16 Getting an Impractical Graduate Degree V 1 Comment
17 Getting a Tattoo

When my parents first met, they did this prank on my grandparents when they got a removable tattoo and showed it to them at lunch. I can imagine what their faces would have been like... - PositronWildhawk

18 Watch Anime

Definitely makes you a disappointment

Hehehe me

19 Keeping the Beard
20 Coming Out
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