Top 10 Ways the Disney Channel Ruined Disney

My top 10 reasons why Disney Channel ruined Disney. Walt Disney created Disney Studios and made beautiful animated classics for people of all ages to love and enjoy that will last for ages. But Disney Channel ruined it. Here's why...

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1 The humor sucks

Some of the shows aren't funny like dog with a blog. When a charcter says a joke that isn't funny they play the stupid sound track over and over a gain to make it look funny. Dog with a blog is sorta funny like when stan crashed the car but Disney's humor was way better like in the lion king. I'm not just talking about Walt Disney films like Bambi and Cinderella, I'm talking about the other ones like the little mermaid. - zoeyluv22

Some is straight inappropriate like on Jessi when Ravi needed a swab of the girls spit Luke says I'm on it with nothing u get it yeah u do

I agree none of the jokes or almost none of the jokes aren't funny - Ajkloth

They try too hard. Not everything has to be comedy, seriously. - Splashstorm

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2 They keep doing spoofs of the old Disney movies

The newest episode of Liv and Maddie felt like a spoof of Alice in Wonderland. It was about Maddie having a dream that she wasn't a twin and then awful events occur, and she ends up waking up after the evil triplet Helga (who REALLY puts the hell in Helga) eats the amulet that caused the whole ordeal to begin with. And then the moral is you should be happy with what you have with Maddie suddenly being glad Liv poked her nose into Maddie's business by making "changes" to the Halloween Screamfest. Just like how the moral of Alice in Wonderland was about being careful for what you wish for and living in a normal world and not a nonsensical one. The show itself is like a copycat of The Fox and the Hound because it's about two different people being friends, kind of like Lady and the Tramp and The Fox and the Hound put together, only they're actually siblings and not just two different animals that are natural enemies or two dogs in love. Also the whole reason Maddie had that ...more

Jessie ruined The Shining (HERE'S JOHNNY) with The Wineing (A spoof on the movie)

In Jessie they did 2 Cinderella spoofs.
In the Suite life on Deck the did a snow white spoof which made me wanna punch the T.V. I mean seriously! It sucked. Bailey- "Aren't there suppose to be seven of u? " Woody- "U mean the seven jerks that live next door? " Zac-"Yeah you make one movie 70 years ago and you think your hot stuff. " Well guess what? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will live on forever as a great animated classic, meanwhile no one even talks about the suite life anymore! That's what you get 4 mocking a great movie! And London was a terrible evil queen. And the talking mirror was so annoying. GOD! And to top it all off when cody tried to kiss bailey she sprayed him in the eyes with pepper spray! That was a huge insult to disney right there! Just f**k off already! - zoeyluv22

3 They never air the old films


I like sofia the first - perfect show for my youngest niece to watch! But I agree - I don't see ANY old films anymore - when it was a premium channel, it aired more classics - that was back when only my maternal grandmother received the channel so I could only watch it at her house or during the free preview weeks. It'd be nice to see more films like maybe... Anything before 1991 or anything made during the Walt years!

I would like to see a little bit of Oliver and Company. But NO, they are do busy airing Sofia the First and Austin and Ally Marathons.

Exactly like that's so raven, the suite life with sack and Cody, drake and josh, Cory in the house, proud family, and a lot more!

4 The characters on some of the shows are boring!

They keep adding female characters to every possible reboot of the show. Yes we get it woman are powerful.

Here's a list of characters I can't stand because they're either boring, annoying, weird, cocky or I just don't like them

Candace- you probably know why. Why should I even explain myself
Avery (dog with a blog) her voice is annoying, she's a little cocky like when she became a cheerleader. She was all "it's like so fun being a cheerleader. "
Christie (dog with a blog) watch the episode wingstan all you'll know why I wanna kill this bitch trust me you'll agree to
Ally (autin and ally) I don't hate her but she can be such a boring wuss at times.
Emma (jessie) the whole "totes" thing gets annoying after awhile. "totes not cool, totes adorable" and she can be so cocky at times. My friend doesn't like her that much either.
Isabella (the whole "whatchya doing' " thing gets annoying afterwards probably because her voice is annoying but not as annoying as susie, she so annoying I just wanna punch her but that would be child abuse ...more - zoeyluv22

5 The new films are terrible

The Ice Age film series are Blue Sky Studios films not Disney films. - Nectaria

The new Disney shows honestly just plain suck. I don't understand why the don't have like a throwback weekend from 8pm - 2am?

I think I know y because Disney took some of them

The films they make now suck and they make disney look terrible. Like cars 2 and how they keep making ice age movies and disney sequels. Some sequels are good but others... Eh not so good. - zoeyluv22

6 Pixar is not Disney!

Sorry zoey... pixar is disney. Disney bought Pixar and distribute all of their films. This makes movies like Up, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Cars, and The Incredibles all Disney. You really shouldn't have a problem with this. It doesn't matter.

PIXAR IS NOT Disney OK!? They always say its Disney pixar when it shouldn't be Disney at all! They should just call it pixar and not Disney pixar. Pixar films are in 3D animation while the old Disney films are in 2D animation. Not 2D, not Disney - zoeyluv22

Disney bought pixar so they own it so yeah

There a difference between pixar and dosney. Pixar is like brave and Disney is like frozen they are not the same

7 Merida

I don't find Merida annoying

Bitch you ain't a disney princess! Yes she's a princess but shes a PIXAR princess. I CAN'T F**KING BELIEVE THEY COUNT HER AS A DISNEY PRINCESS! TAKE HER OFF THE LIST! - zoeyluv22

8 Disney song covers

Stop trying to replace the amazing Disney songs we love and adore. You can't replace the original singers of the songs.

Selena Gomez did a cover of Trust in me from the Jungle Book but it really, really sucked. Kaa sang way better than her. They took a good disney song and ruined it with stupid singing and bad pop music. If they make another disney song cover and ruin that song, I WILL KILL THEM! - zoeyluv22

9 Sequels

I hate how they keep making sequels. Some are good like the little mermaid 2, but Pocahantas 2 was terrible and the Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. - zoeyluv22

10 Cancelling Kim Possible in favor or Phineas and Ferb

They cancelled Kim Possible, our favorite show. And bring Phineas and Ferb in. Disney Channel, you oughta be ashamed of yourselves. Upsetting the fans by replacing Kim Possible with this worthless trash, so called "Phineas and Ferb".

Kim Possible had creative writing, amazing animation, and was the holy grail of Disney Channel shows. Now, it's gone. Replaced by Phineas and Ferb. That's weak, Disney Channel!

Because the decline really began when they dumped a really good show and introduced a repetition cycle that certainly overstayed its welcome.

Why would an original show be replaced by a repetitive, uninteresting, unoriginal, unfunny show.

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11 Subliminal messages

I hate how people are always saying the put the word SEX in a Disney film. As far as I know there's one in the Lion King, one in the little mermaid, and a few in Beauty and the Beast. Walt Disney NEVER did that kind of stuff. I don't know if Disney is doing it on purpose or not but just stop ok. That goes for the fans to that keep finding subliminal messages that aren't even bad, they just think it's bad because they have dirty minds. Kids aren't gonna think about that kind of stuff unless you tell them about it. - zoeyluv22

I'm not 100% sure every subliminal message is real but hey... I don't wanna see anything that looks close to something else in a kids film.

12 It forces teen stereotypes on its undergrown viewers

I agree. The reason is because of teenybopper girls who wont stop liking these shows that are being brainwashed.

Why in the hell does that network do that? Don't its workers see that stereotypes make people narrow-minded?

If anyone asks, the ways that its teenage characters behave aren't how true teens behave. I used to think that's how true teens behave until I learned that I was thought wrong.

I bet that those stereotypes are examples of why my brother likes DISN (Disney Channel) more than any other channel. But seriously, it's wrong for it to have those small-minded beliefs.

Anne Sweeney, the female president of some Disney company, should be ashamed of herself for promoting such filth to mess up the minds of kids.

"Anne Sweeney, the female president"? Ha, no wonder there's a lot of Disney Channel movies and shows with female protagonists with horrible acting and singing. When I was young, Toon Disney and Jetix were AWESOME channels. Now they cancelled them made Disney. And you what's the worst part about it? They showed PaF, Jessie and Fish Hooks on that channel and not old shows. Smooth move, Anne. You remind me of Stuart Snyder. You like to show disney movies for girls with boring plots while Stuart likes to show mature movies

13 Giving Phineas and Ferb more popularity than Kim Possible

WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS DISNEY CHANNEL! I was such a big fan of Kim Possible, and now your kicking her out of your channel in favor of that stupid Phineas and Ferb CARTOON?! WHY?! Phineas and Ferb ripped-off Kim Possible, Dexter's Laboratory, and SpongeBob SquarePants. I HATE PHINEAS AND FERB! It's worse than Johnny Test. I also flipping hate Johnny Test!

I am very mad at you, Disney Channel! You oughta be ashamed of yourselves. Phineas and Ferb felt like your answer to Johnny Test. Why would you do this? *crying softly* I'm sorry, you guys. It's just that I'm so sad that Kim Possible had to go away. I wand Kim Possible back. Get rid of Phineas and Ferb. Or else I'm DONE WITH YOU FOREVER, DISNEY CHANNEL! Besides, you still have nothing good on anymore, except for Gravity Falls, Mickey Mouse (2013), and Wander Over Yonder.

14 They only Disney Replay in the middle of the night on Thursday

Exactly HELLO we have school like seriously I rat watch Lizzie McGuire than Jessie

I know right!

15 The Sitcoms

Amen the old ones actually made me laugh and the names of some of the shows are dumb too

This proves they can't be like the old Disney when it used to be good. - Zombo1336

16 Cancelling perhaps some of their best shows.

Yes like Andi Mack was saving them and then they cancelled it

17 Teaches Bad Manners

For example, on ANT Farm something fell on Fletcher's foot and he was screaming while everyone was just standing there not helping him.

18 Making cheap versions of Walt Disney classics

First I hate when people do this they make a cheap version of a walt Disney classic like for example...

1) Cinderella 1950 version VS Cinderella 2015 version
2) Peter Pan 1953 version VS Pan 2015 version
3) Alice and wonder land 1951 version VS Alice and wonder land 2010 version
4) Snow White 1938 version VS Snow White and the three huntsmen 2012 version
5) The jungle book 1968 version VS The jungle book 2016 version

More to come soon...

19 Ending and Even Stop Showing Old Wander Over Yonder!

Such a beautiful show, yet cancelled and they don't even show old episodes. THEY COULD AT LEAST SHOW OLD PREVIOUS SHOWINGS!

20 Cancelled Andi Mack

Andi Mack just started airing in 2017 or 2018, and it became the most popular show on Disney Channel, and now, it is ending with season 3 for no acceptable, good reason! They have a lot to explain from previous episodes, but there is only a couple episodes left! Disney Channel is going downhill, they need to bring back some of the old shows such as: Dog with a Blog, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly place, KC undercover, Austin and Ally, Dog with a Blog, Good Luck Charlie,(especially,) Jessie (my favorite show), plus many others! I’m tired of these stupid cartoons, they are annoying, plus many others would agree that Andi mack or Jessie is better/ more popular than Phineas and Ferb, or Star vs the Force of Evil, or Wander over Yonder, or Big City Greens, these cartoons, old and new are just really annoying and should be taken off Disney Channel, Andi Mack is WAY better, and deserves a 4th and maybe even 5th season as well! I like Raven’s Home, Andi Mack, and Sydney to the Max, ...more

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