Top 10 Ways Donald Trump is Better Than Hillary Clinton

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1 Hillary is a liar

I don't support Trump, but I hate Hillary more.

I don't like Trump. But at least he isn't a big liar - Chatsa2

She is big bad liar


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2 Trump is a great business man

6 or more bankruptcies doesn't say he's a good business man.. - AzN8VWoman

Oh yea scamming people (trump university) is 'a great buiseness man? Or maybe u think a great business man boots people out of their homes for a stupid parking lot (Vera coking). Totally great /eyeroll

3 He's honest.

This whole list is making me sick. I'm not a fan of Hilary Clinton, but Trump is literally the worst person in the world to become president - Anonymousxx

Scamming people isn't an honest thing to do. Then saying you did nothing when you scammed people isn't honest ether

I "honestly" don't see how you trump fans see the baboon as "honest". He lies constantly, about things both big and small, way more than Clinton.

So many butt-hurt braindead liberals on this list who don't even know anything about Donald Trump or his history; lmao, keep believing the stupid anti-Trump propaganda you are fed on your puny social media or news I guess.

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4 Hillary is a criminal

So is trump his "locker room talk" he says "I force myself on WOMAN if they don't want to, if they say no just grab them by the p**** and make them come here "
Seriously Trump!?!?! t hat's called RAPE! And against the law! - AzN8VWoman

So is trump! Trump university scam, & trying to force Vera coking out of her home she owned! Plus he has more than 4000 lawsuits that where agaist him! And now his wife & a 13 yr old has a lawsuit for rape agaist him! He should b locked up 4 good!

Actually nothing Hillary Clinton did was illegal. Let's begin with the issues:

1. Lost Emails - If this really was illegal than president Bush should have been put in jail, because under his rule it was reported 5 MILLION emails were lost. You don't hear about that do you?

2. Private Server - The private server was a bad move but that doesn't mean it is illegal. A Florida Governor used a private server along with his government server and yet nobody gave a DAMN.

3. Murderer? No... granted 4 people died because yata yata yata, but once again under George W. Bush's rule 60 PEOPLE DIED in VERY similar situations, no one cared. Case closed.

Plus Donald Trump is a criminal as well, he sexually assaulted multiple women and even said himself that HE is a sexual predator. Do your research before making stupid claims.

5 Hillary wants to be president for no reason

That's not true- trump only wanted to prove that anyone could be president. - AzN8VWoman

& trump has a good reason /eyeroll

6 Trump wants to stop ISIS


Funny part is I bet he's helping Isis with his stupid, bigot, comments

7 Hillary is a stereotypical liberal

One that will see to it that everyone is treated fairly. Unlike her opponent... - AzN8VWoman

And trump is self-centered.

8 He's strong

To those in the comments claiming that Trump is weak. Why don't you go look up Hillary seizing after being asked a question by an interviewer. Don't speak of weak until you've seen the true Hillary, a mentally frail yet dangerous person.

Trump doesn't mind if he stirs up a bit of controversy.

Trump also doesn't mind forcing a woman out her own home, angering others for no reason, & doing whatever the f he wants for his benefit. That's not being strong though, that's being a bully.

He's weak! To speak to women the way he does that's straight up cowardice not to mention he is seriously mentally unstable. - AzN8VWoman

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9 Hillary never gets hate for anything she has done; however, Trump gets so much hate for small things he says

THANK YOU. Nobody ever talks about this... - NickLancer

A LOT of people hate Hilary for her lies & her stupidity with her e-mails! Don't make that look like a victim! Trump university & Vera coking look them up, & then tell me that's 'small things to hate trump for'

10 Hillary will raise taxes

Her tax plan is for billionaires not regular income families.. - AzN8VWoman

Opposite, Trump will raise taxes. Heard of his tax proposal? - Lucretia

And what will the stupid Mexican wall 'that he WILL build' do? Before u say, no, mexico won't pay for it

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11 He's a very successful businessman

Don't say "but he went bankrupt" that's a fallacy and a lie do your research.

Yes, the truth is he went bankrupt four times, and inherited a large part of what he owns.

Successful because his daddy gave it to him & because he scams people (trump university & he did pay to play).

11 out of 515 businesses failed. Stop using "he went bankrupt 4 times lol" as an argument.

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12 He's willing to take action if needed

Hillary wouldn't even try to stop the immigrant crisis America has trump will.

If he did he would have to deport all his past and current wives... - AzN8VWoman

He's willing to take action? He's not even willing to take a stand on anything other than immigration. Explain to me: Other than his Mexican wall and Muslim deportation, what is he proposing?

He has never even worked a bill unless it's green and came from his underpaid workers sweet off their backs! - AzN8VWoman

Keycha1n is dumb. He has campaigned for keeping current Muslims in the country. And the verification badge was created by CNN.

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13 Trump is honest

Bull he said 'he did nothing' when he scammed people in trump university! Plus he says Mexicans are drug lords & rapist WRONG not all of them!

80% fact checker says he's a liar while Hillary is almost at zero lies during their campaign trail. - AzN8VWoman

14 Hillary isn't trustworthy

She has lied LESS than trump - AzN8VWoman

What did trump lie about?

Neither is trump he'll start WWIII with his stupid, bigot comments

15 He is amazing at trading

Hillary will just hand over everything to China and Mexico but trump will stand up for the county and use FAIR trade.

You are aware Trumps employees are Mexican? From Mexico where his clothing factories are... - AzN8VWoman

No he'll ruin our alliance with everyone by his stupid bigot comments thus losing our trade. "Global warming was created by & for the Chinese,'? China IS OUR BIGGEST TRADER WHY ARE YOU GOING TO SAY INSULTIS LIKE THAT?

16 Trump cares about Christian values

Hillary is more into Islam than Christianity not that's a bad thing but America is a Christian nation.

Spreading hate is Christian values? What about 'love thy neighbor' & 'ye who has never sinned, cast the first stone'? Well good thing I'm not Christian lol!

America is a nation of all religions, and Hillary is a Methodist. My God, talk about not getting your facts straight...

I heard he was once a priest

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17 Hillary lied about the emails

Hillary lies about everything enough said

Trump lies constantly check The fact checker 80% of the time he is lying... as where Hillary is almost at zero. - AzN8VWoman

Lol, and Trump doesn't lie? REally?

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18 Hillary also lied about Benghazi

She has been cleared by eight Republican-led committees and was questioned for eleven hours on this, without any results. Good Lord, what does she have to do?

In fact Hillary requested help however our government denied it for Benghazi which indicates she had no control over the situation. My question is why where 4 military men there? - AzN8VWoman

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19 Hillary Clinton is an absolute Failure

False she's accomplished many great things in her life time Including access state healthcare for children and elderly persons. Which is more then I can say for trump.. - AzN8VWoman

She flunked at everything Political. she also lies about almost everything. She has many scandals

So is trump. See trump university, got bankrupt 7 times, & can't even pay his taxes and lost over 900billion dollars with a casino business w t f how do u do that?

20 Trump is a multi-billionaire

He's a billionaire because his dad was a slum lord, who was a horrible, racist man who got money from the government. Trump, is in fact, a terrible businessman. He has gone bankrupt multiple times and is one of the most idiotic, ugliest, most racist vulgar piece of white trash I have ever seen. This is coming from a Canadian citizen who actually does his research about idiots like Donald Drumpf!

Due to his amazing skills of business.

Because he cheats and steals from his employees and if they complain he fires them. - AzN8VWoman

Rich does not mean good... - Lucretia

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