Top 10 Ways Donald Trump is Better Than Hillary Clinton

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21 Trump doesn't care if he's not "politically correct"

His first priority is getting back at anyone who has insulted him. - M4j0r45

Well, I think that it's important to actually know what you're saying. Especially if you're running for president.

Yea he only cares if people r bullied into believing HIS WAY or he'll throw a huge fit

Trump only cares about one thing.
AMERICA not all this politically correct nonsense that Hillary does.

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22 Trump will strengthen the military

People will leave the military because he disrespects them & is a complete moron!

He doesn't know the first thing about the military. - AzN8VWoman

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23 Trump is willing to take a stand on illegal immigrants

He is from an immigrated family himself... Americans kill more Americans then any other race. He's only trying to get a raise out of the people and he's doing just that... - AzN8VWoman

Number of Americans killed by ISIS last year: 4
Number of Americans killed by furniture last year: 17
Number of Americans killed by other Americans last year: Over 3000

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24 Trump is Pro-Israel

He's just another puppet of the zionists.

25 Trump has good intentions
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