Top Ten Ways Dora the Explorer is Better Than Total Drama


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1 Dora the Explorer is more creative

How is Dora creative, its just a stupid 4 year old who goes on "adventures" without her retarded parents. - Catacorn

What a stupid list. So what if Dora is "creative"? That doesn't make it any better than Total Drama.

Dora is NOT creative. It is one of the most unoriginal shows ever made! Because...
Those Pocket Stars - a rip-off of the Power Stars from Super Mario 64
Dora is so unoriginal Adventure Time is more creative!
And I'm not so sure what to say about Total Drama..., guess I have to argue with the list creator... - Gehenna

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2 Dora the Explorer is more educational

Believe it or not this is true. Dora actually teaches kids stuff, despite the fact that I like Total Drama. - EpicJake

Who the hell CARES if it's educational, in my opinion Sesame Street is the only educational show.

Nope, there are better shows than Dora that teach spanish. This is the worst TheTopTens list ever.

Actually the worst lits is "reasons to hate Christians" this is okay - epictoonsfan1

Yes! VERY eduacstinal!

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3 Total Drama is boring

All Dora does is ask where the map is and it's in her backpack! Total Drama is interesting and not any percent boring.

Actually it's quite interesting.

The only good thing Dora the Explorer is good for is when I want to go to sleep.
Seriously, that's how boring it is!


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4 Total Drama is not funny

I really don't care that he thinks Dora is better than total drama. I don't even care if anyone says Justin Bieber is better than Michael Jackson - FerrariDude64

I watched Dora as a little kid, I laughed 0 times, it sucked, I didn't know Total Drama, I decided to try and it was even worse. Total Drama is the laugh for the day.

Neither does Dora, Total Drama is awesome

It's funnier than Dora, cause it's not even funny! - micahisthebest

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5 Dora the Explorer has better characters

Dora - a moron who can't see the tree behind her
Boots - ugly monkey wearing boots and is incredibly stupid
Backpack - an annoying little purple whelp
Map - talking map with highly annoying and abysmal voice - Goatworlds

Once again, there are people getting angry. - kempokid

Total Drama have better characters than the characters in Damn the explorer. - AldoFitrian

I saw a picture of Dora giving boots a high five and I saw her belly button.
So either Dora's shirt is too small or she is fat.

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6 Dora the Explorer has been around longer

That's like saying Nero was a better person than many saints because Nero died in AD 67 and most saints died after that!

"Kamehameha! ", Goku shouts it and he launches his energy waves to Dora, Barney and Teletubbies. - AldoFitrian

So if a cold-blooded murderer was born before, let's say, a person who donates to charities, takes in animals to help them, helps strangers w everyday tasks and is overall a nice person, the murderer is better because they were born before?


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7 Total Drama is predictable

Dora is more predictable. She is going somewhere with her dumb monkey and not knowing where something is when its about 3 inches behind her. - Catacorn

Well duh of course it's predictable it's a elimination tournament every episode is supposed to be the same just like all elimination tournaments!

Dora is dumber and more annoying than I think. - AldoFitrian

Really and Dora isn't she does the exact same thing every episode

Wait no I can't feed the troll

8 Dora the Explorer has better animation

Well dora has atrocious animation but TD is ok but I just hate the animation

The animation of Dora sucks

Actually, the Season 1 Dora animation is the worst and the Total Drama animation is the best. Total Drama was done by experts with rotation and great motion with about 60FPS! The animation of Dora from Season 1 and 2 was done by a 2 year old with only 25FPS.

The animation in Total Drama SUCKS! - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

9 The characters in Total Drama are annoying

Yay! Another list from one of the funniest users! - Therandom

The only annoying Total Drama character in the series is Sugar. All the Dora characters are annoying, except for Swiper and Dora's parents.

The Characters in Dora are annoying! - AldoFitrian

10 Total Drama is overrated

No offense fans but this is kinda true... Whereas I'd be watching Regular Show... - Goatworlds

Dora is overrated! - AldoFitrian

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11 Total Drama ripped off Dora

How did Total Drama rip off Dora?! Those T.V. shows have different genres, dumbass!


12 Dora the Explorer help kids get ready for school
13 Dora is a better role model
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