Top Ten Ways Dora the Explorer is Better Than Total Drama

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1 Dora the Explorer is more creative

How is it creative?! It has everything that talks? Nothing here is creative! Total Drama is more creative because it has challenges like stuffing sausages, shearing sheep, catching Jack the Ripper, and hunting BIRD EGGS! Now THAT is totally creative right there!
Hey, if this is a debate, then it is honestly pretty exciting.

Creative? Ok this is going to be creative
. Swiper kills Dora
.Dora dies
.Boots goes to the mental hospital
.Map finally shut ups
Backbag gets lost
.Dora starves to death
.Boots loses all of his boots and started crying
.Swiper finally manages to steal Dora's stuff

Ok, how is that, hope you don't come crying like a little baby

Dora is NOT creative. It is one of the most unoriginal shows ever made! Because...
Those Pocket Stars - a rip-off of the Power Stars from Super Mario 64
Dora is so unoriginal Adventure Time is more creative!
And I'm not so sure what to say about Total Drama...

What a stupid list. So what if Dora is "creative"? That doesn't make it any better than Total Drama.

2 Total Drama is boring

No, Dora is boring. She and her friends, she just asks us where stuff is, sings awful songs, uses Map every time, say "swiper no swiping" to solve things and make him not steal stuff, and he just runs away, repeat stuff, and tell us to say stuff. that's TOTALLY boring. Total Drama, on the other hand, develops rivalries and friendships between contestants, has battles, and harder challenges! And teams! And the conflicts are funny because people yell savage stuff to each other. The friendships are cute because the people have sweet moments. The challenges have obstacles in it! Everyone is in teams while at it!

All Dora does is ask where the map is and it's in her backpack! Total Drama is interesting and not any percent boring.

The only good thing Dora the Explorer is good for is when I want to go to sleep.
Seriously, that's how boring it is!

All Dora does is ask where the f-ing banana is when it's 4mm in font of her with a sign pointing at it.

3 Dora the Explorer is more educational

Believe it or not this is true. Dora actually teaches kids stuff, despite the fact that I like Total Drama.

Who the hell CARES if it's educational, in my opinion Sesame Street is the only educational show.

Nope, there are better shows than Dora that teach spanish. This is the worst TheTopTens list ever.

That is what makes it boring. Nobody cares. And I hate school.

4 Dora the Explorer has better characters

Let me define some total drama characters:
Gen 1:
Bridgette - a confident, courageous, kind surfer girl who made the final 10 in season 1. Wish she went farther.
Lindsay - a cute bubbly innocent sweet girl that everyone loves. Should have gotten better.
Heather - the main antagonist that was really villainous in season 1. In short, an impressive person in season 1 who really did her job.
Gen 2:
Dawn - a sweet girl who can read auras. Should not have been framed.
Mike - a cool person that has MPD. One of them is Svetlana, a flexible personality that is very useful.
Brick - a military soldier who is very strong. Had an interesting conflict with Jo.
Gen 3:
Sky - an Olympic girl who is determined and will do anything she can to win and won't let anything destroy her game. Glad she made the final 2.
Ella - a cute beautiful kind innocent wholesome princess who teaches us life-lessons and also loves to sing. Had very beautiful moments, and should not have ...more

no none of them are great bridgette is my favorite though beardo is my least fave I hate everyone in dora seriously why should everything have a face and talk I've seen a comment that said everything has a face and talks

Dora - a moron who can't see the tree behind her
Boots - ugly monkey wearing boots and is incredibly stupid
Backpack - an annoying little purple whelp
Map - talking map with highly annoying and abysmal voice

Yeah like Cody Ella Lindsay Gwen
But Lindsay in all stars made her like Dora

5 Total Drama is not funny

Yes, it is! Haven't you seen Brick vs. Jo? Jo vs. Lightning? Courtney vs. Heather? Leshawna vs. Heather? Duncan vs. Harold? Even Scott vs. Fang? These are all great rivalries and rivalries make shows funny!
There is nothing funny about Dora! No rivalries, no jokes, no interviews, no nothing! It's pointless!
And when people in Total Drama are eliminated, they are hurled with a catapult, and shot by a cannon!
And the last words,
"Tossing away your strongest team member? You're gonna regret this! Especially you, Jo! You're a total sha-AHHH!"
-Lightning's elimination

I watched Dora as a little kid, I laughed 0 times, it sucked, I didn't know Total Drama, I decided to try and it was even worse. Total Drama is the laugh for the day.

I really don't care that he thinks Dora is better than total drama. I don't even care if anyone says Justin Bieber is better than Michael Jackson

It's funnier than Dora, cause it's not even funny!

6 Dora the Explorer has been around longer

So if a cold-blooded murderer was born before, let's say, a person who donates to charities, takes in animals to help them, helps strangers w everyday tasks and is overall a nice person, the murderer is better because they were born before?

That's like saying Nero was a better person than many saints because Nero died in AD 67 and most saints died after that!

"Kamehameha! ", Goku shouts it and he launches his energy waves to Dora, Barney and Teletubbies.

WHO CARES if it has been around longer?! this list should be why total drama is better than dora!

7 Total Drama is predictable

Well duh of course it's predictable it's a elimination tournament every episode is supposed to be the same just like all elimination tournaments!

Really and Dora isn't she does the exact same thing every episode

Wait no I can't feed the troll

Dora is dumber and more annoying than I think.

8 Dora the Explorer has better animation

Actually, the Season 1 Dora animation is the worst and the Total Drama animation is the best. Total Drama was done by experts with rotation and great motion with about 60FPS! The animation of Dora from Season 1 and 2 was done by a 2 year old with only 25FPS.

Well dora has atrocious animation but TD is ok but I just hate the animation

NO the animation sucks and its pathetic total drama animation is great!

The animation of Dora sucks

9 The characters in Total Drama are annoying

Defining some annoying Total Drama characters...
Gen 1:
Owen - a guy who eats almost everything and farts too much
Cody - a person who simps all over Gwen
Harold - a nerd who always says "Gosh' and other facts nobody cares about.
Gen 2:
Lightning - a person who always says "sha"
Staci - someone who always talks about heir "great"x1000000 ancestors
Sam - someone obsessed with video games
Gen 3:
Beardo - A person that always makes sound effects
Sugar - a gross girl who talks too much and does terrible and gross things. Also sings terrible songs, and ate a rotten egg once
Leonard - deluded guy who always thinks he is a wizard, and instead of just physically doing things, always has to use spells

Fun Fact: In episode 2 of TDPI. (Total Drama Pakhitew Island), he cost his team the challenge by using his imaginary spells to get the pig over the wall, in which obviously did not work, because he is not a wizard in real life.

Dave - a crybaby ...more

beardo is annoying, sugar is annoying, leonard is annoying, and staci is annoying. other people are too, but at least I liked SOME CHARACTERS in total drama. I hated everyone in dora. I may hate swiper but hopefully he swipes all of dora's stuff one day!

The only annoying Total Drama character in the series is Sugar. All the Dora characters are annoying, except for Swiper and Dora's parents.

The characters in Total Drama caused so much drama.

10 Total Drama is overrated

Sure it is overrated, but overrated doesn't mean bad, and underrated doesn't mean good! :/

It isn't, but it is a fan-favorite and has amazing drama! And I'm glad it's a fan-favorite!

No offense fans but this is kinda true... Whereas I'd be watching Regular Show...

Dora is overrated!

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11 Dora is a better role model

Dora's not even close to being a role model

No, Ella is a better role model/

gwen,ella,lindsay,dawn,dakota,cody,junior and other awesome total drama characters are better role models

12 Dora the Explorer help kids get ready for school

its for babies nobody cares how appropriate it is


13 Total Drama ripped off Dora

Yes, TOTALLY because Dora is about people doing challenges only for a contestant to mess up and be voted to get sent off an island. 10/10, valid argument.

How did Total Drama rip off Dora?! Those T.V. shows have different genres, dumbass!

How did it rip off Dora?


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