Ways Dora the Explorer is Okay

I know this is an old show that already ended like around 3 years by now, and i'm not saying i love Dora, but... Lately from what i've seen across this website and even dA users who Like bad cartoons, but still hate Dora, i noticed DTE has more hate than it deserves. Okay, i don't really want to be too defensive on this annoying Girl, however, i REALLY doubt this is the most outright terrible show in TV history.

So here are things that prove there can be shows worse than... or also that there's quality in Dora the Explorer. Here we go:

The Top Ten

1 It is colorful

It's a show for young kids and for some reason, the users here need to call it the worst show ever. - DCfnaf

2 Dora is helpful with some animals who are in trouble
3 At least it's not inappropriate, featuring gross-out humor, nudity, high-pitched screaming noises, etc.
4 Dora tries to teach kids some stuff, such as speaking Spanish.


5 There are talking animals, which is a unique invention to put in an animated cartoon.
6 Dora is only asking to kids if they can see what she can see.
7 There are more humans in the family

You know what, I don't like this reason anymore. I wish to change it -_- - HunterBrony101

8 It has adventures, and adventure is supposedly a fun thing people love in life.
9 The show has it's moments where it can be nice and peaceful (sometimes)

Like when Dora unites with her family, and have a nice party. I dunno. Since I barely watch this show, I can barely think of it. Regardless, I'm pretty sure there are Valid Examples. - HunterBrony101

10 Whenever Dora talks to kids, she isn't trying to harm people, just fun-childish questions

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11 No shock humour, crude animals.
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