Top Ten Ways Dubstep and Metal Are Better Than Pop Music

I really liked dubstep and metal so much! I am actually a big fan of Panda Eyes and Virtual Riot! I do like Slayer songs because they're the best metal bands out there! Dubstep And Metal is my life! Here is my opinion why Dubstep And Metal is better than pop music!

The Top Ten

1 Dubstep And Metal takes more time to write

Like, I do like Dub and Metal but here's my type of pop:

Somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence

Dubstep: *Random music* *Random 10 words* *More music* - AnonymousChick

2 Pop music has inappropriate stuff
3 Pop Music shows lack of talent

"Lack of talent? " For that, you need look no further then the screaming, shrieking, demented and nihilistic noise of Metal, or the soulless, electronic fakery of Dubstep.

4 Pop music doesn't have good messages

Niether does kill everybody by my boi skkrill but I get your point

5 Metal And Dubstep Artist look better than Pop Artists
6 Dubstep And Metal don't have a stupid fanbase
7 Pop has a crazy fanbase
8 Pop Music is played everywhere you go
9 Dubstep And Metal is epic

Is is for one subject. The proper word to use in this sentence is are. Dubstep and Metal are epic.
I'm a grammar Nazi. Deal with it. - AnonymousChick

10 Lyrics on Dubstep And Metal make more sense

Dubstep is usually better w/out lyrics - ProPanda

The Contenders

11 The Vocals In Metal and Dubstep are amazing

Metal yes
Dubstep no - Joco

12 Dubstep & Metal has more sense
13 Dubstep & Metal are more creative
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