Top Ten Ways Eminem Is Better Then Justin Bieber

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1 Justin Bieber Only Talks About Love V 1 Comment
2 Eminem Dosen't Insult Bands and Heavy Metal

Doesn't mean there aren't people or groups that he doesn't diminish. Which he does. - PositronWildhawk

Well only horrible singers like iggy azalea

But Eminem has dissed other people...

He doesn't hate legends

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3 Real Slim Shady vs Baby V 1 Comment
4 Eminem's Songs

Real Slim shady is better then Baby, lose yourself is better then believe, just lose it is better then as long as you love me etc

His songs are much better then Justin's.

The Monster is better than boyfriend - RockStarr

Justin's a boy you idiot! He just sounds like one

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5 More People Like Eminem
6 Eminem Isn't a Jerk to People Who Like Anime
7 Eminem Curses in All of His Songs

And that makes them better? Damn, I hate music lists. - Puga

How does that make it better? You can hardly hear an Eminem song because of the censoring.

8 There's Always a Girl In Justin Bieber's Music Video That Justin Bieber Likes

Watch the baby music video then you'll now. If you really don't want to see that. Watch the music video to a Eminem song

9 Eminem Has Sung With Better Singers

Eminem sung with Big Sean and Notorious BIG while Justin Bieber sang with Jack 0 and Lucardis. But the people Eminem sing with are way better

10 Eminem Has Been Singing Since the 90s

This is true just look it up

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? Eminem Song are Electrifying
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11 Eminem Didn't Pee in a Mop Bucket

Really, this sounds like the kind of thing Eminem would do

12 Eminem Didn't Call the Beatles a Crap Band
13 Eminem Doesn't Use the N Word V 1 Comment
14 Justin Bieber Remains Ignorant, While Eminem Is Not
15 Justin Bieber Laughed at Brian Griffin's Death, Eminem Thinks It's Not Funny
16 Eminem Didn't Spit on His Fans
17 Eminem Has Talent
18 Eminem Can Freestyle
19 Eminem is Inspirational

There is no comparison between Eminem and Justin Bieber. Eminem is the greatest of all time

20 Eminem Has Funny Lyrics in Some of His Songs
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