Top Ten Ways Eminem Is Better Then Justin Bieber

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1 Justin Bieber Only Talks About Love

It gets annoying after

This is so outdated. His newest album has way less songs about love - Minni_K

Almost all songs are about love for crying out loud. - 445956

Love you justin forever

2 More People Like Eminem

Even if he is better this is not a valid reason.

Every one knows eminem he rocks and his music is the best in the world!

Where's your proof. JB is the most followed person on twitter. - Minni_K

3 Real Slim Shady vs Baby

Never listened to Real Slim Shady but at least it's better than Baby

Slim Shady

Baby is for gay losers

Real slim shady

4 Eminem Isn't a Jerk to People Who Like Anime
5 Eminem's Songs

I may not enjoy listening to rap, but Eminem is very talented. He has lyrical skills that far outdo most pop nowadays. Now, I don't want to offend anyone, but I think that pop's lyrical value needs improvement. - Cyri

445956 you are the saltiest, most hater to ever live. Justin Bieber is a disgusting person who couldn't sing if his life depended on it. Eminem is amazing in every way. Stop dissing him and start listening to some real music.

Real Slim shady is better then Baby, lose yourself is better then believe, just lose it is better then as long as you love me etc

RAP GOD is better than any song by Bieber!

6 Eminem Dosen't Insult Bands and Heavy Metal

Doesn't mean there aren't people or groups that he doesn't diminish. Which he does. - PositronWildhawk

But Eminem has dissed other people...

He disses people - Minni_K

Well only horrible singers like iggy azalea

7 Eminem Curses in All of His Songs

And that makes them better? Damn, I hate music lists. - Puga

How does that make it better? You can hardly hear an Eminem song because of the censoring.

How in the world does that make him better - Minni_K

That is why Justin is better. - 445956

8 There's Always a Girl In Justin Bieber's Music Video That Justin Bieber Likes

Watch the baby music video then you'll now. If you really don't want to see that. Watch the music video to a Eminem song

Love yourself, never say never, children, pray, where are u now... do you want me to go on. - Minni_K

9 Eminem is Inspirational

There is no comparison between Eminem and Justin Bieber. Eminem is the greatest of all time

Eminem is the best in the world! ❤️

10 Eminem Has Been Singing Since the 90s

Justin Bieber was born in 1964. The 90s ended when he was 6 years old. Did Eminem start singing when he was 6 years old? I don't think so. - Minni_K

This is true just look it up

*Rapping - 445956

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11 Eminem Has Sung With Better Singers

Eminem sung with Big Sean and Notorious BIG while Justin Bieber sang with Jack 0 and Lucardis. But the people Eminem sing with are way better

Newsflash! Justin Bieber sang with big Sean three times. - Minni_K

12 Eminem Writes Meaningful Lyrics

Apparently, rapping about killing women and using homophobic slurs is "meaningful." His only meaningful lyrics were is "Stan" and "Not Afraid." - 445956

Justin Bieber's, never say never, pray, turn to you, purpose, believe, I'll show you...should I continue? - Minni_K

Lose yourself is way better than those songs. Not a Justin Bieber hater by the way. - TheDarkOne_221b


13 Eminem Didn't Call the Beatles a Crap Band

Look if JB hates the Beatles it's not a big deal. People are allowed to have opinions for Christ's sake!

He wasn't dissing Michael Jackson. He was just joking around about him but he wasn't dissing him. He did apologize though

Yet Eminem disused Michael Jackson and Elvis. - 445956

He has called other people other stuff. - Minni_K

14 Eminem Has Talent

Even Rihanna Has Said That Em Is One Of The Greatest Poets Of This Generation. While Has Anyone Complimented Yoir Justin Gay

The most true thing here

So does Justin Bieber. How can you prove he doesn't? - Minni_K

Most talented lyrics writing. He is often been called a lyrical genius. Way better than JB anyways.

15 Eminem had a way darker life and found a way to get to the top

JB had a dark life as well. There were many videos about bad things he has done going viral on the internet. Later, he came back stronger than ever. He went on tour for nearly 2 years and he sold out nearly every show. He learnt a lot and he is now a changed man - Minni_K

How is that darker than Eminem's? Can you stop bashing our favorite rapper, troll? - TheDarkOne_221b

JB is a bitch...why should we compare a baby to a legend...I like ed Sheeran either

16 Eminem Didn't Pee in a Mop Bucket

He wasn't surrounded by fame and money when he was young. I am sure he has done something like that when he was a teenager. - Minni_K

Well if he still has the Slim Shady persona. Then probably yes. But cause he's older now. No

Really, this sounds like the kind of thing Eminem would do

17 Eminem Doesn't Use the N Word

Roman's Revenge.Listen to it. - Minni_K

Justin Biedermeier doesn't used the n word either

18 Eminem is Sexy

Hell yeah he is sexy

Justin Bieber's new looks make Eminem look like Jay-Z. - 445956

19 Eminem is a Good Person

Sure. If pointing guns at people, punching them in the face, writing songs about other people without their permission is considered good. Then, he is a good person. - Minni_K

Justin Bieber deserves to die

20 Justin Bieber Remains Ignorant, While Eminem Is Not

Justin Bieber has changed. He is not ignorant. He proved that he has changed. - Minni_K

21 Justin Bieber Laughed at Brian Griffin's Death, Eminem Thinks It's Not Funny

Who? The only 2 Brian Griffin's I found looking it up was the Family Guy character and a living person. - 445956

Are you honestly going to find out who's better over a T.V. show? - Minni_K

22 Eminem Didn't Smoke or Get Arrested for Drugs

Yet he has done way worse things. He has handled guns countless times. Assaulted men and women. Banned from a country because he "advocates violence against women". There is tons more. I just can't bother to write them. - Minni_K

What?! Stop making JB look bad!

23 Eminem Doesn't Rap About Girls

He raps about killing them. So technically, he does. - Minni_K

Yes he does, he raps about killing them which is why Justin is better. - 445956

24 Eminem Song are Electrifying


25 Eminem doesn't tell lies in his songs

Where did Justin Lie? - Minni_K

26 He got an Oscar at just 3 yrs in his career
27 Eminem Didn't Spit on His Fans

Eminem pointed guns at people. Unless JB's spit is toxic, I don't see how that is a bigger issue. - Minni_K

28 Eminem Can Freestyle

He is a rapper. He should be able to. Justin can freestyle songs as well. - Minni_K

29 Eminem Has Funny Lyrics in Some of His Songs

Don't forget the swear words. - Minni_K

30 Eminem Helped Terrible Rappers Like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

No one has any rights to call anyone terrible. - Minni_K

How is that good? - 445956

31 Eminem Can Rap Fast

He should be able to. He is a rapper. - Minni_K

32 Eminem Respects His Fans

He said Trump supporters can't be his fans. That like another way of being racist. People have the right to like anyone they want. - Minni_K

33 Eminem hates Chris Brown

Good boy em

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