Top Ten Ways Eminem Is Better Then Justin Bieber

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21 Eminem had a way darker life and found a way to get to the top

JB had a dark life as well. There were many videos about bad things he has done going viral on the internet. Later, he came back stronger than ever. He went on tour for nearly 2 years and he sold out nearly every show. He learnt a lot and he is now a changed man - Minni_K

22 Eminem Didn't Spit on His Fans

Eminem pointed guns at people. Unless JB's spit is toxic, I don't see how that is a bigger issue. - Minni_K

23 Eminem Can Freestyle

He is a rapper. He should be able to. Justin can freestyle songs as well. - Minni_K

24 Eminem Has Funny Lyrics in Some of His Songs

Don't forget the swear words. - Minni_K

25 Eminem Helped Terrible Rappers Like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

No one has any rights to call anyone terrible. - Minni_K

How is that good? - 445956

26 Eminem Can Rap Fast

He should be able to. He is a rapper. - Minni_K

27 Eminem Respects His Fans

He said Trump supporters can't be his fans. That like another way of being racist. People have the right to like anyone they want. - Minni_K

28 Eminem Doesn't Rap About Girls

He raps about killing them. So technically, he does. - Minni_K

Yes he does, he raps about killing them which is why Justin is better. - 445956

29 Eminem Song are Electrifying
30 Eminem is a Good Person

Sure. If pointing guns at people, punching them in the face, writing songs about other people without their permission is considered good. Then, he is a good person. - Minni_K

Justin Bieber deserves to die

31 Eminem doesn't tell lies in his songs

Where did Justin Lie? - Minni_K

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