Top 10 Ways to End Teen Titans Go!

There so many ways this show could end. This list is not mean to be taken seriously.

The Top Ten

1 The original Teen Titans kill the TTGO Titans then the credits roll

Because it is much deserved.

2 Gradeaundera erases all of the Titans and draws better characters

Pretty ironic in my opinion.

Even Gradeaundera can do better art than the TTG art style!

3 The original Teen Titans series mocks Teen Titans Go!

Because TTGO always make fun of the original series, what if that was turned around?

4 Chester Bennington screams so loud that everyone explodes


5 Deadpool shows up and kills all of the Titans with his machine guns

Roll credits, the end.

That'll be hilarious - SocialMediaStinks

6 The entire show gets blown up and the original Teen Titans are shown as if nothing ever happened

It would be a happy ending in my book.

7 The villains kill the Titans

The Titans are more likely the bad guys then the actual bad guys in go so it would be perfect irony.

8 AVGN kills the Tians with his explosive f- bombs

AVGN: *Censored*, *Censored, *Censored*, *Censored. TTGO Titans: *Explode to death* Enough said.

9 Everyone kills each other

Because this show isn't violent enough lel.

10 Put them in Smash Bros. and have all the characters spam attacks on them until they're dead

Not like they'll fight back. P.S, I came up with this one - SocialMediaStinks

The Contenders

11 The Titans get blown up by a nuke

By the time they would see the nuke it would be too late.

12 The other Cartoon Network characters from the shows that are still running will be shown celebrating
13 Freddy mysteriously shows up in the Titans tower and gives all the Titans nightmares
14 Kim Jong-Un nukes them
15 Justin Bieber sings to them all
16 The lights go off as the Titans are quietly killed one by one
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