Best Ways to Execute Someone


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1 Beheading

It would truly depend on the person. - Therandom

Well, thanks for making this list! - SamuiNeko

Is this also the most painless one or not?

V 2 Comments
2 Hanging V 1 Comment
3 Electrocution

Just put your hair dryer (plugged in an outlet) inside a bucket of water, then stick your hand inside. Boom, your dead. - Catacorn

I want to electrocute Nicki Minaj. - Eil__een

4 Lethal Injection V 1 Comment
5 Fire Squad

A little expensive. I would watch the execution. - Eil__een

Where do you get the money for that? - Fandom_Lover

6 Gas Chamber V 1 Comment
7 Quartering
8 Stoning

This makes me think that you are gonna kill them by making them addicted to - WonkeyDude98

9 Drowning

I once pushed my brothers head underwater for several minutes. - Eil__een

10 Garrote

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11 Skin Them Alive V 4 Comments
12 Immolation

Watch them scream in pain and suffering. - Pegasister12

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13 Minigun V 1 Comment
14 Burning Them Alive

Depends on the crime. Some people deserve to die in the most painful way possible. - Zach808

That is evil. I would like do that too Someone though. - Eil__een

15 Mutilation

It would begun to mutilate someone. - Eil__een

16 Throw Them Off A Building
17 Push Them in a Lava Lake
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