Best Ways to Execute Someone


The Top Ten

1 Beheading

It would truly depend on the person. - Therandom

Well, thanks for making this list! - SamuiNeko

Is this also the most painless one or not?

Dang, where is my cat sword? - Catacorn

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2 Hanging
3 Electrocution

Just put your hair dryer (plugged in an outlet) inside a bucket of water, then stick your hand inside. Boom, your dead. - Catacorn

4 Lethal Injection
5 Fire Squad

The soldiers can use the criminal for target practice and old surplus ammo can be used up. You also get to test the effectiveness of the weapons.

Where do you get the money for that? - Fandom_Lover

6 Gas Chamber

Very effective
Holocaust was great example

7 Quartering
8 Stoning

This makes me think that you are gonna kill them by making them addicted to - WonkeyDude98

9 Drowning
10 Skin Them Alive

I like skinning things

Let's go eat skin chips after! - Fandom_Lover

Worst pain known to a man - Nateawesomeness

Very painful. - Catacorn

The Contenders

11 Garrote
12 Immolation

Watch them scream in pain and suffering. - Pegasister12

13 Minigun

No kill like overkill

14 Burning Them Alive

Depends on the crime. Some people deserve to die in the most painful way possible. - Zach808

15 Mutilation
16 Throw Them Off A Building
17 Push Them in a Lava Lake
18 Feeding them to lions
19 Crucifixion

This is the method the roman empire used.

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