Top 10 Ways to Fail an Exam

I dont think most of them are realistic but it would be funny to see these happen. I don't recommend failing your exams and it's better to pass them with flying colours.

The Top Ten Ways to Fail an Exam

1 Cheat on your test

Well its only cheating if you get caught. - egnomac

2 Sleep throughout the exam
3 Eat the test

I heard that eating the test will make you bigger, stronger, and smarter. ;) - 3DG20

4 Writing the profanity at the front page of the test
5 Get caught drinking bleach
6 Spill water
7 Tear the exam into pieces of paper
8 Chew gum

DOne it and almost got suspended - AlphaQ

9 Putting completely random answers in the test
10 By not studying anything

Well, that’s the most obvious one for me...thanks, misophobia!

The Contenders

11 Miss the time for it

Biggest mistake in online ones

12 Draw something on the paper

Depends what you mean by "something". - 3DG20

13 Slap someone and get sent out
14 Don't show up on exam day

It's pretty easy to fail if you just don't show up at all. - 3DG20

15 Smoke weed during the exam
16 Spontaneous Combustion
17 Draw a picture of Cartman on the paper
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