Best Ways to Fall Asleep On Christmas Eve

The Top Ten

1 Think of it as a normal night
2 Flip your calendar back to a month that's not December, August for example, and think of it as summer
3 Open 1 gift (it should keep you occupied)
4 After a certain hour, like 6:00 PM, avoid playing video games, watching TV, or anything on any electronics. Play a relaxing game or read a book with the family.

Or get your Toniebox to tell you a story - Muffet13

NO WAY! I will play on my electronics as late as I want!

5 Take a warm bath 2 hours before bed time
6 Do something active during the day
7 Go on a family outing
8 No sugary drinks or snacks after 3:00 or 4:00 PM

This list feels something some kids parents made because they were drinking chocolate milk. - ggggh

9 Stay up extra late the night before Christmas Eve
10 Wake up extra early on Christmas Eve

The Contenders

11 Drink a glass of warm milk before bed (avoid hot chocolate, coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, juice etc.)

Especially energy drinks - Martinglez

12 Don't take a nap during the day. It will keep you up later when it's time for bed.
13 Go to bed at your normal time
14 Count the sheep
15 Get your Toniebox to tell you a story
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