Top Ten Ways the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom is Dying


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1 Undertale replaced its popularity

Undertale is way better than FNaF in SO many ways, but every single FNaF fan brat moved to this. - DCfnaf

As pointed out by GCN, it exists solely for re purpose of Jump Scares. - Therandom

I was so obsessed with FNAF, but the story has already been explained as a dream, and Undertale is still fresh with Easter eggs. - WitheredBonnie

Now Undertale is overrated - CommanderLudwig

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2 It lost its popularity

It's now replaced with Undertale, which in my opinion, is a better game than Fnaf. - Pegasister12

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3 No one really cares about FNAF world No one really cares about FNAF world
4 It went downhill right after FNAF 2

FNAF1 was great, All FNAF 2 has is madness. - LunaFrost

Yeah, SL was the only other game in the series that was halfway decent. - DCfnaf

No,fnaf 3 and 4 were also good - Nateawesomeness

5 No one is making videos about it any more

Because of undertale,undertale has brainwashed everyone to hating five nights at freddys - Nateawesomeness

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7 No more Theories about Fnaf

That's a good thing - TwilightKitsune

Nah, MatPrick is still making videos about it. - DCfnaf

8 No More Shipping memes
9 By 2016 no one cared about it
10 No one is even talking about FNAF anymore.

I've never heard of it for a long time now - Neonco31

Yes they are,it's just nobody from TheTopTens - Nateawesomeness

RIP: FNAF it was ruined while it lasted.

:D - LunaFrost

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