Top 10 Ways to Fix The Fairly OddParents

FOP went downhill over the years. And here's some ways onto how it fix it. If I missed one feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 Remove Chloe

Yes! She should be removed!

2 More usage of background and side characters
3 Make Poof more present

Or they could just remove Poof altogether. He's a pretty boring character. - Drawbox

4 Focus on being creative instead of hip and cool
5 Have better writing
6 Make Timmy less self centered
7 Go back to the old theme song
8 Make Cosmo's stupidity funny instead of annoying
9 Go back to the old animation

Honestly, the new animation actually makes it look smoother, which looks crisper, and it looks more colorful.
It looked more dull and messy back then, which makes sense for older technology.
And as it was hand drawn, given how difficult, explains why Butch Hartman left.

10 Make Wanda more of the voice of reason instead of a nagger

The Contenders

11 Don’t make anymore Tommy torture episodes
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