Top 10 Ways to Fix Sword Art Online

Even though I like it and say it's decent let's make it better then shall we

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21 Make it more bloody
22 Replace Yuki Kajiura with someone else

Am I the only one who actually likes Yuki Kjiura? I haven't heard any of her compositions for SAO but she had done a wonderful job composing music for Le potrait de petitite Cossette. - ToukaKirishima

Replace someone more competent than her like Yuka Kitamura(I love her tracks she made for games i.e Soul of Cinder and Ludwig The Holy Blade)Simon Viklund (Gun Metal Grey 2015, Dead Man's Hand) or Motoi Sakuraba (Vordt Of The Boreal Valley) or someone else - Hoxton

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23 Replace some voice actors
24 Remove Suguha

Suguhas awesome! - Coreylordo

25 Use elements from the video game

There are so many characters and different side quests that can make the show better and funnier

26 Make Sinon stop flirting with Kirito

Yeah, she needs to date Klein.

27 Reveal what happened to Klein's pizza

I GOTS TO KNOW - HeavyDonkeyKong

28 Have better animation
29 Remove Sinon
30 Have a Esports Arc

This would work really good in the story by adding new characters and developing old ones and making kirito and friends work as a proper team.

31 Remove The Filler
32 Cancel it forever
33 Let SAO start and end with Kirito

Kirito had his shining moments along with Asuna in SAO. But I'd have preferred Asuna and Kirito focus on school to end the first arc. Have Leafa and Recon be the MCs of the ALO arc and Sinon MC of the GGO arc. I just want Kirito to have his happy ending and keep it as such.

34 Do something with Yui


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Top Remixes

1. Have a darker story
2. Remove some characters
3. Remove the fan service
1. Make Kirito less of a Gary Stu
2. Remove the fan service
3. Tone down the Harem
1. Remove the fan service
2. Tone down the Harem
3. Make Kirito less of a Gary Stu



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