Top Ten Ways Friends Are Annoying

The Top Ten

1 They are friends with your enemies

My friend is friends with ugly isabelle

I'm fine with this as long as they don't cause a negative impact on me or start up a dramatic riot or whatever

2 When you do a mistake they get sad

Friend: guess what I'm going to kaitlins party!
me: I don't wanna go I don't wanna see the dog cake
friend:... *sad look*
me: I messed it up!

3 They lie

Pisses me off - bobbythebrony

Me: I went to dreamworld and saw the tiger!
friend: well I got to HOLD the tiger
me: when I went to movie world bugs bunny laughed because I had bunny ears on!
friend: Well wonder woman and cat woman gave me 2 ice creams and let me had a ride in their car
me: wet n wild was fun!
friend: I got to talk to the lifeguard
me: seaworld is awesome I saw the lion fish!
friend: I got to ride a dolphin

4 They interrupt when you're talking

I had a secret private chat and one of my friends came and kept talking about potatos!

5 They always come to you when you want to be alone

Me: I wanna look at these bees!

I have a “friend” at my school who does this... CONSTANTLY!

Especially since I have a boyfriend now! So annoying!

6 They laugh at your secrets

If you tell a friend you have a crush on someone they laugh its embaressing

Friend: Do you have a crush on him?!
Me: Umm, yeah...
Friend: OH! I'm telling everyone!
Me: NO!

7 They eat disgusting things

My friend ate cold spaghetti and it was disgusting!

8 When you text them and they don't text you back

The wifi could be down for you
They could have no wifi
She or he doesn't have her phone
She or he is sleeping
She or he is grounded
She or he is eating
Her or his phone is dead

Thanks for the vote!

That is really annoying 😡

9 They mess up your toys

I brought some dolls I had a long time working on the hairstyle my friend played with a doll and she MESSED up the hair!

10 They forget about you

Me: hey wanna be friends?
person: sure!
next day
me: hello friend wanna go to the canteen with me?
person: what are you talking about we were never friends

The Contenders

11 They force you to tell your secrets to them

Ohhh I HATE it when they do that! most annoying thing ever! - MrHyde

12 They bring some toys but you're left out

My friend had 4 toys when there were 5 of us I was left out

13 When your opposite gender friend likes you, but you don't like them back

It makes things akaward.

14 When your friend doesn't respect your privacy
15 They leave you alone to hang around other people, and come back when they are sick of playing with the other people
16 When they always ask to borrow your things
17 They make fun of you and when you get mad they get mad too and tell you to shut up
18 They don't respect you while you respect them
19 They use you

I had a "friend" who did this to me. She only ever talked to me to take chocolate. Other than that, she'd be all nasty and never talk to me. What a piece of trash.

20 They dab

I hate it when friends dab. they become enemies when they do that. - MrHyde

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