Top 10 Ways Friends Could Have Ended


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1 It Was Phoebe's Imagination All Along

She never managed to get her life back on track after her mother’s suicide, and she’s desperately wishing for a group of friends. She sees the gang at the coffee house each day, makes up names for them and builds her dream life into theirs. - XtremeNerdz12

2 They're All Residents Of A Mental Asylum Fabricating Perfect Lives

All six of them are residents at a mental asylum, and they have built perfect lives to hide from the harsh realities of their mental health issues.

Chandler was scarred by his parents’ divorce; Joey crumbled under the pressure of being the only boy in a family of fiery Italian women; Monica was left scarred by her school bullying; Rachel had serious Daddy issues and was self-destructive; Ross has abandonment issues, and Phoebe never came to terms with her Mother’s suicide. - XtremeNerdz12

3 It Ends On A Cliffhanger

It ends before Rachel's decision is clear. - XtremeNerdz12

4 Everyone Grows Up And Live Like Adults

By the end, the characters were getting too old to be living the same lifestyles as they had for the previous 9 seasons.

Ross and Rachel were too old to be constantly going through on/off relationship breaks, and the premise of the show kind of stopped working. - XtremeNerdz12

5 Gunther Should Have Been There
6 Ben Meets Emma For The First Time
7 Seeing Chandler & Monica As A Family

Chandler becomes a grown up dad while still being his sarcastic self and Monica stops being such a control freak. - XtremeNerdz12

8 Joey Finds Happiness

Joey finally get's his big break in a movie, T.V. show, advert. - XtremeNerdz12

9 Phoebe Starts A Family With Mike
10 Ross Moves To Paris With Rachel
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