Top Ten Ways Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is Better Than Full Metal Alchemist '03

Why I think Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is better than the origianl series

The Top Ten

1 Characters have more depth

In brotherhood, most characters had way more depth than in Original series (WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD) when Hughes died in the Original, I didn't really feel that sad about it, in brotherhood I didn't in the beginning, but later on you can see the importance of Hughes' role in the series. - superkijker

2 Better opening and ending songs

This was the first anime that actually made me want tot sit through the opening and ending, normally I just skip them - superkijker

3 The badguy

In the Original series, the badguy is kinda boring, she doesn't have a real backstory, and she's just there, wanting to create a philosopher's stone, so she can live on longer, while in brotherhood, we get to know all there is about father, what he wants to do, and why he didn't kill Ed. - superkijker

4 Has an ending

The Original series didn't have an actual ending, it was just left wide open, and in brotherhood there is an ending - superkijker

5 Better end

In brotherhood, (SPOILERS) Al sacrifices his soul, so Ed can save himself, than Ed sacrifices his gate, to get Al's body back, I got pretty emotional watching this, while in the Original series, Al completely forgets about everything that happened, and never sees Ed again, until the movie, also having a new world suddenly appear, isn't that appealing to me - superkijker

6 Better animations

The animation was better, more detail. - superkijker

7 Better fights

The fights in brotherhood were way more epic than the fight in the Original series (except for Mustang vs Ed) - superkijker

8 The Original series were rushed / filler episodes

The Original series were rushed, the manga wasn't finished by the time, so I can kinda understand the filler episodes, but at the ending, they were rushing the story, and I didn't like the ending because I still didn't have answers to the questions I had. - superkijker

9 Better soundtrack

I loved the music in both series, but I still prefer brotherhood's music. - superkijker

10 The isvallain war isn't explained in the Original series

In brotherhood, it makes perfect sense why there was a war, but I sitll don't understand what really happened according to the Original series. - superkijker

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11 A faithful adaptation of the manga
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