Top Ten Ways to Get Banned from Animal Jam

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21 Saying things that can be taken the wrong way

The stripe club. I don't know get that one. I do get the first one.

Like if you were to say " Guys, we need to work as a whole team." ajqh would be fine. But if were to say " Guys, we need to work as whole team." ajhq would suspend or even ban you.

If you were to be hosting a clan or something and you called it " The Stripe Club" ajqh would instantly suspend or ban you.

If you don't get why or how these can be taking the wrong way, ask, because the first one is simple to most people and the second is a little more complicated but I get them both.

Said stripes club and got banned

Saying stripe club will ban you or suspend you. I don't know why this bans you, maybe striped is taked as Stripped.

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22 Saying "My cat's name is Midnight"

That's... Oddly specific. But I don't see how your cat's name could hurt anyone, or yourself. Midnight is a common kitty name (I Love them).

I said this and I got banned for sharing personal information. The crap?

23 Bad role play V 4 Comments
24 Saying mating words

Trust me, when people mate the say things like, sticks thing in her whole or puts wiener in her fanne. If you say that enough times, You will get banned


25 Saying, What's your paw word? (Password)

That happened to me but I wasn't asking for a password

I used a backup to check this out.. "Whats Your Paw Word? " And the 'Suspended' Thing came up I was like ;-; OK I won't say that (3

WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS : I once said ' What's your paw word? ' to somebody because I wanted to get rare [ I don't do it anymore ; - ; don't worry :3 ] so I said ' What's your paw word ' then got banned... straight away... ; - ; I think I learnt my lesson AND it was on MY original ACCOUNT! [ so I couldn't play aj until some days :T ; - ; [ so long ago ; - ; ] ]

26 Being a bully

If you are a bully, most people will report you, because who wants a bully? The more reports you get, the more likely you get suspended.

27 Telling people to kill themselves V 2 Comments
28 Saying random things over and over again

Yup it's true. They will suspend you for being anoying! It's happened. I just kept saying do a little dance, and about the 7th time I was banned. don't DO THIS!

29 Saying the f word

I said it and I got banned for a WHOLE day what the f word is toast norms :/ UGH

That happened to me got suspended because was mad

30 Being bloody

Yeah totally

I have all ready done this for two days straight and nuffink happened apart from the fact I got reported.

31 Having your sentence blocked way too many times

fuvk off

I never tried this before but I seen a roleplay video and it happened a ton.

when you say stuff like say boe, so many times in a sentence and having it blocked so many times may lead to a suspension or ban. so please don't do this. unless you are testing the it and making sure it is true or not.

but if you do test it make sure to do it on a backup! :D

32 Acting in love


33 Telling a jammer they look horrible

Dear world, if you want to put something down that will get you banned from animal jam, do it please.

So you'd like it if someone called you horrible? I doubt it.

If you say mean words aj will just be like OK WERE DONE WITH WHATEVER YOUR USER IS! and probably... ban you.

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34 Personal information

This always gets you suspended. One time, I gave my pass away, and got suspended plus hacked! But you wanna know what annoys me? Hq bans YOU for giving your pass away, and DOESN'T ban the person that hacks you just because you're the one who gave your pass away. But still! They did wrong too right? They shouldn't just get suspended, they should be banned for life!

Kids, why can't you keep your stuff away from people? Didn't your parents and teachers teach you that? Don't give away your info! Stupid kids

Well asking for a user is ok, but you can clearly see in on their name tag.

Oh, right.

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35 Fake gifting

Someone in jamaa may say if you gift me I gift or u gift I gift this means if you gift them they will gift you back but one time when I was in jamaa I saw a owl saying gift me I will gift you back so I gifted this jammer a rare but they never gifted me back then also blocked me for no good reason never trust jammers you don't know!

I gifted someone a crossbow and they gave me a FROG RUG FROM JAMMART FURNITURE!

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36 Sharing passwords

AJ does not want you sharing passwords because of people being hacked not even with your best trusted friend.

37 Using Free Chat as a way to say bad words

I was actually able to say pee and poo and kill with free chat

What's and about poo and pee? Or crap?

38 Saying adult jokes V 1 Comment
39 Jammers saying sexual stuff to "attractive jammers"

Hey, like, lol. Do you even know if they look good in real life to you? No reason to do it.

This so sad' don't say sexual things to good looking jammers

40 False Scamming Yourself

False scamming yourself because you watch a video saying " hi guys! I just went to my acc and saw my tiki mask was scammed I mailed ajhq, got a magenta tiki mask! "
do not false scam yourself of ANYTHING instead of getting rare like you wanted, you may be banned FOREVER!

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