Top Ten Best Ways to Get Better at Things

There are tons of ways to get better at things. This is a list of the top ten best ways to get better at things.
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1 Practice

I think practice earns the number 1 spot on this list if you keep practicing you will keep getting better and better at things. For example if you are trying to play a music piece and you don’t play that welll in one part if you keep practicing that single part you will get better and better at it. Trust me, anyway practice makes perfect.

I always thought that I was bad at math but then I practiced and turns out I'm quite good. I even taught some people who I thought were better than me.

Yeah, that's like rule number 1 - practice, practice, practice.

Practice makes perfect, they always say! Great list!

2 Learn from the winners

What I mean but learning from the winners is learn from the people who know how to do it it will help you if you see what they are doing because if you see them do it right you will probably do it right.

Yes that's how I awalys win in mario kart

3 Write down what you learn

So if you forget something you could look back a remember what you wrote

4 Be patient

Patience is the key to learning if you are not patient and rush to something you will just get worse, patience is the key to learning.

5 Get encouragement

Getting encouragement from your family/friends will want you to try harder.

6 Watch other people do it

If you watch people do it it will help you learn how to do it .

7 Know how to measure progress

So you know where you were last time you did whatever you did.

8 Try your best

You always have to try your best even if you are not perfect. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose you have to try your best and that will make you feel good, and then you will try to learn more and get better.

9 Take risks

If you want to do something you will always have to take risks.

10 Learn from losing
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11 Develop skills that are similar and easier than the thing you are working on

If you develop a skill than that is easier and similar to the one you are practicing on, it will help you because of you already know how to do something similar to what your trying to achieve, it will seem more familiar and the thing that you are working on will help you get better at the thing you are achieving.

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