Top Ten Ways to Get Expelled From School


The Top Ten

1 Have sex at school

It's in fact a disaster to do this at school and can bring up many personal problems beside 100% sure you will get expelled - AbdRahmanSalah

I had sex at school and get caught twice with the principles daughter, not expelled

And get caught.

Why would you? I've found a condom (used =-O ) in my school - jmepa1234

2 Fail all tests

This would more likely get you disowned by your family, especially if you're Asian

You wouldn't get expelled for this - jmepa1234

You go to school to learn not to fail so definitely a total failure will be expelled from school to give a chance for other succesful persons - AbdRahmanSalah

love it

3 Pull the fire alarm when there is no fire

This will definitely get you expelled - jmepa1234

Great idea

Hpeend gues what no one gives a f-word so funy I was a 7th grade my and my friends were hanging out and then there was the dumb guy we told him on joke to push the fire alarm then the thechre came and no ditention

df nah

4 Insult a teacher

Depends how badly you insult them - jmepa1234

5 Bring drugs to school

More than just getting expelled from school, you may go to jail don't you ever think about doing it in school strict good schoola will never cover you up or forgive you - AbdRahmanSalah

"Don't take drugs, kid! Don't take drugs! " - jmepa1234

6 Fight with a mate

This might get a detention not an expelling - jmepa1234

7 Intentionally destroy school facilities
8 Dab in school

Bothers teachers but you definitely won't get expelled.

Definitely agree

9 Go to school naked

It works great I didn't do it but another kid did and he expelled from all schools in New Jersey

Nobody did it in my school but that's really weird, don't think about it.

I am so doing this! Thank you.

10 Bring in nuts every day

The Newcomers

? Burn the School

Very effective

The Contenders

11 Start a fire

That will definitely get you expelled

12 Watch porn

The main reason I got expelled from my first school I had porn on mobile and I started sending and spreading it between my mates - AbdRahmanSalah

Are thechers know about this and no one gives a S-word

13 Skip school

I did this but I only got 5 after school detentions that lasted 2 and a half hours

14 Not do your work

You can get expelled for not doing work! *rushes into room and does her thirty missing assignments* - happyhappyjoyjoy

15 Strip for people in the hallway

Not if the principal is pedo

16 Killing your teacher

Ummm... Not unless you wanna go to jail or prision!

17 Wear a micro-mini dress to school
18 Hit the headmaster

I got expelled for swearing and hit the head master

19 Smash a chair over a peers head.
20 Murder anyone

A guaranteed expulsion!

21 Smoke inside the school

Smoking a cigarette inside my math class has been one of the best memory's I had of school before getting expelled when the kids ratted on me

22 Hotbox your classroom and gym on 4/20 with a lot of weed
23 Playing games in class

I did

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