Top Ten Ways to Get Kicked Out of School

Warning these events can cause serious trouble
As low as you're parents spanking or punishing you
Or as high
As going to juvenile
But any way you will get kicked out of school

The Top Ten

1 Say you have a bomb

You'll be kicked out of earth!

Alllah 'akbar

2 Try to have sex In school

Again, idiots!

3 Start a food fight 

I started a food fight didn't even get in trouble - 2storm

V 1 Comment
4 Get in 3 or more fights

Got in a fight this year. Well, wasn't really a fight, didn't get to really to do anything as the Dean of students was witness. - Therandom

I got in to a lot of fights in 6 the grade

5 Grab a gun and start shooting V 1 Comment
6 Say bad words to a teacher
7 Assault your teacher

I would personally rush in the room to defend my teacher, even if I hate her, from whatever idiot decides to! You people who came up with this are crazy idiots! Do you even realize how hard teachers work for ungrateful, whiny brats called my classmates? Ugh, you STUPID PEOPLE!

8 Pee on someone
9 Deal illegal drugs
10 Beat up a bully

Happened to my brother once. Not kidding. My brother got expelled and the bully only got detention or something mild like that. Unbelievable. Let's teach kids to not stand up for themselves or fight back when they are being harassed. Not. - eventer51314

The Newcomers

? Skip class
? Slap a teacher

The Contenders

11 Start a fire

You people are murderous idiots! Anyone who actually tries this should go to jail

12 Have sex with boys

They got to be big too

13 Be a bully
14 Yell during a test

I did that 3 hours

15 Fart on someone
16 Pull your teacher's pants down
17 Call 911 on your school for fun
18 Drink beer in front off the principal
19 Gamble
20 Punch a teacher
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