Top Ten Ways to Get Kicked Out of School

Warning these events can cause serious trouble. As low as you're parents spanking or punishing you or as high as going to juvenile detention. But anyway you will get kicked out of school.
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Say you have a bomb

Your friend is arab and he's is in isis so he will blow up the school

That will get you in very big huge amount of trouble

I don't know why but when I said that I got arrested

This is awesome make sure it works

Try to have sex in school

In 7th grade a guy tried to get in my bathroom stall and was smiling while I was peeing. the other guy nearby threatened to break his hand if he did that again.

They got to be big too

Maybe that might work

Best way possible

Start a food fight 

I threw KFC I brought at the black kids and they threw sweet tea at me

I started a food fight didn't even get in trouble

It's even worse if it's the movie.

Say bad words to a teacher

Detention is coming

I got suspended..

Do that every day:)

Grab a gun and start shooting

There was a guy who threatened to SHOOT up the SCHOOL on my HS bus a month ago, and was planning on it and tried to get me and two others he talked to into it. I declined and the others appeared to think he was joking, but he seemed serious.
It was scary but he got reported and was arrested with a felon after the officers did searches and interviews and got kicked out of that school. There was no gun or ammo with him nor the other two guys, and since he was vague enough about it I'm not sure if he was actually gonna do it either the next day or if he was simply blowing off steam, but his life is ruined now.

Do you have brain damage or something?

Big trouble

Get in a fight

I don't go to school anymore and this always happened to me

I got in to a lot of fights in 6 the grade

Done got suspended for 2 days

Pee on someone

can I get kicked out of school

Deal illegal drugs

Done that they still don’t know I was the one that gives it out at school carnivals haha

Skip class

Did it multiple times and broke the rules and now I'm in the school I was supposed to be in

I'm in the middle of doing it right now

I skipped around 4 classes and nothing happend

I Have tried this They let me skip 2 whole days I just walked around the bathroom and the halls and they wont stick me in iss because I want to be in ther ei like it better than school

Start a fire

I did this and my teacher walked out with a bucket and just left me

Low key don't do it do it if you really want to lol

I have done it

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Pull your teacher's pants down

Pray for her goodness you weird person

I can pull pants down

The bitch better be sexy

Be yourself

Lol. Ikr, you can't do anything but EXACTLY as they say. Meaning you can't be yourself. Ever.

Be yourself because no body is okay with that these days

My school hates me for this reason. I learned to not care.

This is actually what I will do

Assault your teacher

Great news 2020s students we are bringing back the cane!

Nice, wouldn’t try it though

My teacher said that she means what she says and a lot of students say she mean :/ when she said that I said my mum is to and she called my mom and all my mom did was cuss her out [ <>_<>]

Fart on someone

I did that but my school closed down sooo...

Give the middle finger

Thanks it worked!

Drink beer in front of the principal

Sounds like somthing I would do oh yah I already did it got kicked out for half the the year

Beer no vodka yes aha

Yell during a test

I did that 3 hours

Bring a knife

My friend did this and he only got ISS for two weeks.

Been there done that and it didn’t end well cos I got it taken off me by the pigs

Be a bully

I wish bullies could get kicked out of school.

Beat up a bully

Happened to my brother once. Not kidding. My brother got expelled and the bully only got detention or something mild like that. Unbelievable. Let's teach kids to not stand up for themselves or fight back when they are being harassed. Not.

I did that lol nothing happened

Pull the fire alarm

This is a felony if done at school.

Uhhh I tried this and they only suspended me for 5 days

Call 911 on your school for fun


Not do any homework
Throw a book at the principal
Threaten someone with a knife

I actually witnessed someone doing this. The guy who did it got suspended from school because he threatened a teacher with a knife

hell yah

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