Ways to Get Known On TheTopTens

Hi, For all you Forever Alones out there. I am going to help you out on being Popular like me and Alexandr and other well known users of the TheTopTens.

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1 Start messaging people

Talking to people is a nice way for them to know you.

I'd feel really weird doing this though... - Elina

Get to know people with a random HI - SmoothCriminal

2 Make lists

Create your kinds of lists, and Maybe other people will become intrested - SmoothCriminal

3 Start commenting

I always comment, but I don't really know how popular I am on this website. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. I made an account to make lists, not to form cliques or try to impress popular users. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

You're well known for your irrational opinions on metal music.

Once you comment funny stuff, People might laugh and might want to know you - SmoothCriminal

You'd have very notable comments.

I'm on a commenting spree right now lol - Elina

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4 Talk in the chatroom

There was once a chatroom on here? I never knew that. - Minecraftcrazy530

Once you mingle, you can get to know people - SmoothCriminal

5 Have friends that will spread that you around

Friends are like that... - SmoothCriminal

6 Put your Facebook account, YouTube channel, etc. on your homepage
7 Create controversy

Controversy is what's popular in the site. But creating such will make you popular in a negative way.

8 Be kind to users
9 Make blog posts
10 Vote a decent amount a day
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Top Remixes

1. Start messaging people
2. Make lists
3. Start commenting
1. Start messaging people
2. Make lists
3. Talk in the chatroom
1. Make lists
2. Start messaging people
3. Start commenting


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