The Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for College This Summer

Congratulations, you’re starting college in the fall! For incoming freshmen, the process can be both exciting and overwhelming. What do I bring? What will I need? What will the classes be like?

The Top Ten

1 Double-check your class schedule

When college classes don't fill up, they can be dropped or merged with a different class at a different time. Check your class schedule periodically over the summer to make sure nothing has changed. If you find that one of your classes was dropped, or moved to a time that interferes with another one of your classes, call or email your adviser immediately and find out what other course you can take in its place. - UniversityTutor

2 Get to know your technology

If you're purchasing a new laptop for college, start working with it over the summer to make sure you can handle basic troubleshooting. Install all relevant programs now and visit any class sites that are already up. You might even be able to get ahead on your readings! - UniversityTutor

3 Pack your dorm room essentials

Make a list of your dorm room essentials and start packing. Remember to think about when you ll be visiting home when deciding what to bring. For instance, if you re planning on coming back for Thanksgiving, you might not need your winter parka yet but it could be smart to bring one jacket in case it gets cold early. Check your college s website to see what is and is not allowed in dorm rooms before packing any kitchenette supplies or decor. - UniversityTutor

4 Research campus life

Save yourself some time and find out where the cafeteria, student center, and health center is in relation to your dorm before you get there. Try looking at a campus map online. - UniversityTutor

5 Check on clubs or sports that interest you

If you're certain you want to play a specific sport or join a particular club, check them out early online. Be ahead of try-outs or the first meeting date. - UniversityTutor

6 Mark your calendar for orientation

You should be able to get plenty of your college questions answered at orientation " and you might even get some free college swag to represent your new school " so be sure to attend this event! - UniversityTutor

7 Get in touch with your roommate

If you're sharing a dorm room, start getting to know your new roomie through social media or email. You can find out what you have in common and see who is bringing what to the room. You don't want to end up with two microwaves! - UniversityTutor

8 Save money

Whether you want to buy college apparel or the occasional latte, you'll want to have some spending money while you're at school. Use this summer to make some extra cash and save it until you get to university. - UniversityTutor

9 Answer the what-ifs

What if I get sick? What if I need a ride somewhere? What if my laptop crashes? College comes with a plethora of what ifs that can leave even the calmest student feeling frazzled. Take a moment to think about the questions that might be leaving you nervous. While some might be unanswerable rarities caused by nerves alone, others may be totally reasonable concerns with answers available. Some concerns e.G. A laptop crashing can be resolved by packing extra items such as an external hard drive . Other what ifs can be addressed by student services, like what to do if you re locked out of your dorm or if you need an emergency ride. Taking time to think about what makes you nervous can help you find the logical solutions and overcome the worrisome feelings. - UniversityTutor

It's not really the minor issues of your laptop being slow that matter, it's the lack of organisation that students have that makes their time at universities stressful and makes them less likely to succeed. Thus, you should ensure that any problems you have foreseen are addressed ASAP. That's what I did. - PositronWildhawk

10 Enjoy your last summer before college

Spend time with your friends and family enjoying your last summer before you head off to college. Your next journey is only weeks away! - UniversityTutor

This last summer with my sister has been bittersweet. I'm sure she'll have a blast though. - keycha1n

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11 Customise your bedroom

Not everyone at college necessarily lives on campus, as some may be living at home. This is a major benefit as it saves so much money and time. But still, it's worth making your home desk look like a campus room desk. I did this by installing a new bookcase, placing various paper files on my desk and a corkboard behind my computer screen. - PositronWildhawk

12 Cry about going to college
13 Tell your mom about how you're going to college and pack your things
14 Study
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