Top Ten Ways to Get Ready for Exams

Stressed for exams? Want to give advice for exams? If either applies to you, this list is for you!

The Top Ten

1 Get lots of sleep

I wish, but school makes us wake up very early which is the reason why we lack sleep and get tired throughout the day.

Sleep is very important for good brain functioning. The mire sleep, the better.

No sleep in a box, you have a hard time getting sleep.

Sleep well study well

2 Study a healthy amount

Even though you may have free time from school. It is better to extend your studies at home months or weeks before the finals. At least an hour or two will help you extract the knowledge you need for the exam. It will benefit in a long time. Just study smart

I would study in blocks of time for each subject, with a minimum of 2 hours for each subject spread out over at least 2 different days. Don't over study or else you could lose sleep.

It never works


3 Eat a large, healthy breakfast

Cereal just won't cut it. You would need eggs, sausages, pancakes even for exam readiness. The food helps your brain function.

4 Eat mints

Dark chocolate and mint chocolate also help. Dark chocolate reduces stress, so I often take it the night before. Mint chocolate infuses that with focus, and I take some the next morning.

Studies have shown that mints help focus, so these will be very helpful for exams.

5 Have the right attitude

Exams are much easier when you feel like you will do well. Stay optimistic, no matter what, and be sure you will reach your goal. Stress hinders your performance in exams.

6 Study with a partner

If you are confused on something, your partner will probably know what it is. That and it's always good to be with friends.

Nothing better than a shot of affection and a shot of competition to help you ace the exam

7 Allow yourself some free time

Free time is just as important as homework and studying. Just don't have too much free time, and don't get carried away.

Taking breaks is good for you

8 Ask for help

Asking for help will most likely get you the answer you are looking for.

9 Do homework

When you do your homework you can easily your study without any problem

Homework is important for grades, and it will help get practice in.

10 Don't get sidetracked

Exams should be the first priority, with other things (sports, clubs, music, TheTopTens), second.

The Contenders

11 Make a Quizlet
12 Buy scented oils and a diffuser

I diffuse oils with specific scents the night before. I allocate peppermint to core maths, rosemary to core physics, basil to further physics, and so on. Having set these stimuli into my mind, I later place the oil onto a tissue which I take into the exam. Works wonders.

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