Ways to Get Revenge On Parents

I like parents but some can be annoying and mean like i read on the most annoying things about parents list, vote

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1 Kill them all

Great, but only AFTER torturing them for about 18 years. Turnabout is fair play. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Homework for homework!

I won't take it too far. I just want to pay back.

To the listmaker: How about feeling ashamed of your desires? - Jezz

"Revenge leaves you nothing but blood on your claws" at its finest. - Cyri

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2 Act like they do to you

I would do that all the time! My mother is SO crazy!

Because kids take after their parents. don't they?

Yes such a good idea but then they will just say your being terrible and when u say your doing what they do to you they will say don't lie and talk back.

Did that already they ignored it

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3 Put lemon juice on their toothbrushes

My mom drinks lemon juice in a glass with ice so...

Lol I can imagine that. - CharismaticKat

That would be HILARIOUS

I thought, "what a great idea! " but then I remembered my dad has acid reflux so he will be in pain for days.

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4 Run away from home forever

I did this one

I am doing this one. I am literally running from my house, right this second, while holding the computer in my arms...while typing. Oh no. My WIFI is going down, I hope I can send the comment before-- - ACKREIK

Yes this is a great idea

I told them that and my mother agreed

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5 Ignore them

I am gonna do this

How to ignore your mother?

Yes I always do it when I'm mad at the

Ignoring your parents may get you in trouble but ohh it feels good.

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6 Kick their ass

For a moment I thought it said kiss their ass

I would so love to do that!

I would tell my little cousin to do this. He knows martial arts.

This is funny and stupid at yhe same time. - CharismaticKat

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7 Favour their least favourite relative

I use this all the time. It really works. Amazing... their attitudes change in a snap. Lol!

This is going to be great.

Yo haha


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8 Prank them

Even though I haven't prnaked my dad before I think this is a great idea

I think you can put makeup on your grandma

Prank totally

Pranking is the best idea I looked this up because my Mom and Dad threw away my 2 pictures and ruined 1 and threw something I did at guidence class


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9 Hide their most valuable item

My dad loves his port power gear so I hi his membership card

My dad is so agrasive

I did that once. - CharismaticKat

No because my parents would mess the place and tell me to clean their mess

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10 Prove them wrong and be innocent about it

Because my dad yelled at me

I tried this. It did not work.

What you always do.
Prove them wrong.

Yeah this is great so my step dad can shut his mouth about things he thinks are supposed to go

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11 Hypnotize them

i agree

How to hypnotize

How do u hypnotize people?

12 When they get mad, act like you would to a toddler throwing a tantrum

Act like an immature, irresponsible, stupid brat so they can hate me even more...? Thanks for the advice! - ACKREIK

This is, when they get upset, you treat them like a toddler. Oh, parents, you’re so obviously wrong but you just can’t see it, sigh, poor you.

More crybabying around? nonsense.that will only make yourself hated - Nateawesomeness

13 Live in their basement until you are 40 years old

You're the one that is getting impacted not them

But there are dried worms and spiders

So.. you are trying to get revenge on your parents, you obviously hate them or something. Why would you stay there for 40years? Have you thought this through? lol - ACKREIK

14 Tie them up

I shall do this

Lolz, a normal person wouldn't stand around for that xP - ACKREIK

15 Video them secretly while they are being mean and post it on Social Media with a caption: SOOO MEAN!!!!

That is a really good idea

Great but I do not have socail media

Lol I'm doing it right now byeee!

Great idea

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16 Dump their most valuable and expensive cosmetic items down the drain

I am a wacky child

Too extreme bro!

I have thrown her pearl earrings down the drain and it wasn’t pretty

I dump my mom’s shampoo down the drain >:D

17 If your mom takes your phone away and your home alone lock all the locks and don't let them in and say it was because you didn't know they were there and they couldn't have texted you

That's a good idea - brezee12

AMAZING - Demon_Kitty

Pretty thought out, my friend. But wouldn't the mom have a house-key with her? - ACKREIK


18 Say 'Because I said so'

So you think telling a bully,"because I said so" before he says anything will do anything - Nateawesomeness

19 Say they're bad role models

Good but mite make them thretend

I tried this and my mom said “i know, go find another family if you really hate me that much”

Because they influence you to do stuff my mom is a total BITCH

20 Turn your TV off from the plugs

so funny

Haaa! I did this so funny and I also hid the romote, my dad was up hours trying to find it! but ists still not enough to get revenge! I kneed more tricks! the T.V. remote they still can't find! ha that because its out the window haa! -catsue

21 Remind them of their most embarrassing moments

I have done this a couple of times, and they don't like it... - micahisthebest

Great idea I'll try it now...yess it worked great!

Ok,let me tell your crush you like him so you would be more embarrised - Nateawesomeness

22 Lock them out of the house

DO not do this my mom was not happy.

Do this if your parents try to close car door when u are inside

23 Wait for the day when you get out of their house and then burn it

Kinda great even though I won't try it HAHAH

And then you get arrested for arson! :D - ACKREIK

24 Do the opposite of what they say

So good I like it

This Is Good ass

LMAO I might do this. - DarkBoi-X

25 Tell your parent that you are dropping out due to lack of motivation and support.

This can be a short term plot if you just want to scare them

This is a great idea!

My parents would actually encourage this they suggested this to me multiple times.

I bet this one will work

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26 Buy an alarm clock and set it to go off in the middle of the night, then hide it in their room somewhere they will never find it

If they do find it blame it on your younger sibling.

Did it at 3AM, they woke up but didn't care at all

I like this because when I know there about to take my phone away it'll wake them up

I’ve done this and dad did NOT look happy...

27 Invite an annoying friend over and if they screw up, act like they do when they let your little brother get away with things

I don't have a brother, and why would someone be my friend if their annoying?

28 Keep on saying in a minute when they ask you to do something

I have don this 10000000000000 times I dint whant to clean my bed room

29 Roast them

Such a great idea

I have done this so many times. - DarkBoi-X

been there


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30 Overreact in situations

They overreacted first...

So you want people to think your spoiled,wow...just stay with yourself please - Nateawesomeness

31 Make them feel upset

How to make them upset?

I really want my mom to feel bad about yelling at me for minor reasons all the time but I don't know how... :(

I don’t know how to do this! :(

32 Hide their car keys

Well not an idea if parents don't have a car well you could do it if you had an older brother or sister

Got mad and was late for work

I did it alrwady

33 Have a baby and name it after someone they hate

That's more like revenge on yourself.. - ACKREIK

True dat.

34 Hide their things.

You know not sure about this

My mom is sooo mean to me she one time threw vacuumed cleaner parts at my BROTHER #Evilparent

35 Put water on the floor to make them slip.

Serves them right!

Doe it
ba idea

36 Delete all their stuff on usbs and download inappropriate pics on the usbs

Yes this is great

37 Put hot sauce in their food

Does the sauce for the Korean fire noodles come in bottles?

My dad takes a lot of heat

38 Tell them you're pregnant

But I'm a guy!

But I don't have a boyfriend and I never go out ever?

no I'm 7

Ummm no thanks my mom would killl me

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39 Change the passcode to all their social media accounts


40 Add something nasty to the cooking and say "I don't wanna eat"

Watch them eat there own disgusting creations

Umm, I've spit in the soup my mum was cooking, since only she and dad were eating it...

I wish I could do that but I would get caught!

Me: Mom can you make some grease dipped corn dogs? Mom:sure, sweetie! Me: this is gross! Mom: here, let me try it. *vomits and gags reapetedly*

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41 Yell a song that they hate

What if they only listen to classical music? - ACKREIK

Does not work

Yes works good I do sweet Caroline by Neil dimond, and also rub it in there face when it comes on the radio

That's good

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42 Tell them that you will make new rules and they must make the same rules you made
43 Flour bomb them

Yeah, my phone will not see the light of day if I do this.

I am sooo grounded

44 Break the car window



45 Attract insects

They will get scared!

Ya I will try it right now.

There's already roaches in my house

46 Put slime in their bed


47 Hide their shoes

I wanna try it, but my mom has a shelf of shoes (literally)

Just hide their shoes. They will have nothing to wear

I already did hide their shoes

48 Hide their clothes

I’ve done it before but I got caught so it ain’t happenin’

49 Don't do anything they say to do

It works best if they say to watch T.V. and you say no. They will think something is wrong with you and treat you like royalty!

50 Be oh so very polite

If you are not polite this will work awesome!.!

I surely will

This did not work for me, they were just happy and moved on with life thinking they did some great parenting- I'm trying to get on their nerves not be their bestie

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