Tips for Getting to Sleep On Christmas Eve

Can't you just wait for Christmas day and can't sleep on Christmas Eve. Heck, I can't sleep the day before Christmas Eve and that's why I'm making this list 1:00 in the morning. Well here's a guide to get you to sleep.

The Top Ten

1 Drink Warm Milk

Drinking warm milk will help you to sleep right away. - JaysTop10List

I think that works but I don't like milk so...

If you're a little kid thais works year-round

2 Read a Book

That would make you want to stay awake if you like the book.

Read any book that you like until you fall fast asleep - JaysTop10List

3 Take a Hot Bath

Maybe that'll sooth you and you'll be sleep faster than Sandy will get to SpongeBob's house. - JaysTop10List

4 Exercise for a Little While

Do jumping jacks, planks or bridges for a little while and before you'll know it, you will wake up on your floor. - JaysTop10List

5 Listen to Christmas Songs

Listen to fun Christmas songs like Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer ( I'm kidding) or Running Around The Christmas Tree or the SpongeBob Christmas song. - JaysTop10List

6 Stay Away from Television

Now, this is the hard part. You can't use anything while you're trying to sleep. You can't text your friends on Twitter or post a selfie on Instrgram. - JaysTop10List

7 Ingore Other Sounds That'll Keep You Up

Sounds like snoring you could just ignore easily. - JaysTop10List

8 Prepare Everything Last Minute

Do you still want to stay up in some kind of way? Well you could just start doing everything last minute like wrapping up your friend's clothes or washing your dirty boxers. - JaysTop10List

9 Jump On Your Bed

Do at least 20 or 30 jumps because in about 3 minutes, you'll be to sleep instantly but don't get too energized when jumping. - JaysTop10List

I did still didn't work

That makes you stay awake cause the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight. *insert Twenty One Pilots instrumental*

10 Count Sheep

Simple. Count Sheep till you're tired. - JaysTop10List

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