Top Ten Ways to Get Sprayed by a Skunk

Please do not rate if you do not want to get sprayed, I find it very rude.

The Top Ten

1 Grab the Tail

I Know How It Feels.. I'm A Skunk in Minecraft A Stupid Person Grabbed my Tail. I Was Like I Got No Choice. And Well Then...

Thanks for noticing. But plenty is to show how to AVOID getting sprayed. For example, #7 CLOSE THE TENT DOOR FOR GOD'S SAKE!

This guy is skunk obsessed. - PositronWildhawk

Grabbing the tail means a 100% garontee you will get doused. Hint: want more lightly tap its side. - Jaxskunk

2 Corner It

That's probably how my own dog got sprayed by a skunk in our yard, 2 years ago.

Good chance of geting sprayed. - Jaxskunk

3 Scare It

Of course! That is the most obvious way to get sprayed by a skunk. And who would want to scare them? They're so adorable I would just hug them instead (if they like being hugged)

Possibly the easiest way. - Jaxskunk

4 Trap It Then Approach

I don't think it's a good method because you need to make sure it won't get injured - Jaxskunk

5 Chase It

Ugh.. Yeah It Would Provably Spray

It'll likely just run and hide. - Jaxskunk

6 Hurt It

How can you hurt something that's so adorable?

Inhumane, but an almost garontee. - Jaxskunk

7 Feed It for a Week, Then Stop

Doubtful it'l spray, but it will be angry - Jaxskunk

8 Sleep In a Tent With It

Hope to heck it's not rabid, or a raccoon. - Jaxskunk

I don't a think a skunk would spray you if you slept with it._.

9 Spray It With the Hose

Be close to it. Most likely won't spray, just run. - Jaxskunk

10 Try to Kill It

Why would you deliberately try to kill a skunk? - Minecraftcrazy530

Unless it's rabid, in wich case if you get sprayed you'd need shots. My opinion, the worst way to do it because of it's inhumanity. - Jaxskunk

The Contenders

11 Pretend to be a Predator

Not an owl, that makes skunks hide, the stench is useless on owls.

12 Twerk in Its Face
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