Top Ten Ways to Get Sprayed by a Skunk

Please do not rate if you do not want to get sprayed, I find it very rude.

The Top Ten

1 Grab the Tail

I Know How It Feels.. I'm A Skunk in Minecraft A Stupid Person Grabbed my Tail. I Was Like I Got No Choice. And Well Then...

Thanks for noticing. But plenty is to show how to AVOID getting sprayed. For example, #7 CLOSE THE TENT DOOR FOR GOD'S SAKE!

This guy is skunk obsessed. - PositronWildhawk

Grabbing the tail means a 100% garontee you will get doused. Hint: want more lightly tap its side. - Jaxskunk

2 Corner It

That's probably how my own dog got sprayed by a skunk in our yard, 2 years ago.

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3 Scare It

Of course! That is the most obvious way to get sprayed by a skunk. And who would want to scare them? They're so adorable I would just hug them instead (if they like being hugged)

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4 Trap It Then Approach

I don't think it's a good method because you need to make sure it won't get injured - Jaxskunk

5 Chase It

Ugh.. Yeah It Would Provably Spray

It'll likely just run and hide. - Jaxskunk

6 Hurt It

How can you hurt something that's so adorable?

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7 Feed It for a Week, Then Stop
8 Sleep In a Tent With It

Hope to heck it's not rabid, or a raccoon. - Jaxskunk

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9 Spray It With the Hose

Be close to it. Most likely won't spray, just run. - Jaxskunk

10 Try to Kill It

Unless it's rabid, in wich case if you get sprayed you'd need shots. My opinion, the worst way to do it because of it's inhumanity. - Jaxskunk

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11 Pretend to be a Predator

Not an owl, that makes skunks hide, the stench is useless on owls.

12 Twerk in Its Face
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