Top Ten Ways Grand Theft Auto is Better Than Minecraft

It had to be done you minecraft worshipping minecrafters. GTA is better.

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1 Grand Theft Auto is more fun to play

We are comparing an action-adventure criminal game where the goal is to steal cars and get cash and drugs, to a sandbox open world game about building. Wow. Typical. - DCfnaf

Minecraft is just placing blocks and building is boring. Stealing people's cars and taking on cops is much more fun.

In Grand Theft Auto, you can steal and ride cars, take on cops, and fight people. Minecraft only has mining, crafting, and building. And Minecraft battles are lame. - EpicJake

Minecraft was good but it's gotten so plain an boring wile Grand Theft Auto never gets old. - AlphaQ

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2 Minecraft has a more annoying fanbase

Damn it. Just voted this by accident. Grand Theft Auto 5's fanbase is worse (Can't believe I said it). Kids kill you so often. In minecraft I can get away with the Kid Fanbase, but Grand Theft Auto races, non passive mode, and more makes it as cancerous as Potato Chips. - CheesyNachos

Filled with whiny 7 year olds who worship the game as a god or something.

I think Grand Theft Auto kiddies are worse because you would want to hate the parents of the kids as well.And they kill you more often than other people. - DapperPickle


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3 Minecraft youtubers suck

I have to agree on this one. Grand Theft Auto youtubers are way more entertaining to watch cause of the Fanbase of the youtubers and the total overall smartness. - CheesyNachos

Minecraft youtubers get dumber as they go on. Example TheDiamondMinecart - christangrant

Grand Theft Auto V clickbait Youtubers are way worse - venomouskillingmachine

I swear I hate minecraft youtubers.
It's even worse when you discover 8 year olds record minecraft with their phone in a poorly lit room... - wrests

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4 Grand Theft Auto has better weapons

Minecraft just has swords, while Grand Theft Auto has firearms of different kinds and knives and grenades and gasoline.

In Minecraft you can have mods, but they don't work as well as Grand Theft Auto - venomouskillingmachine

Weapons minecraft has
Bow and Arrow

Weapons That Grand Theft Auto Has
Many Pistols
Many Smgs
Many Assault Rifles
Many Snipers
Some Rocket Launchers
Some Grenades - christangrant

5 Grand Theft Auto has the better online mode

But it's as mediocre as hell. - DapperPickle

The best part of the game.

6 Grand Theft Auto has better protagonists

Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa are great protagonists, who did a lot of important things in the game. Minecraft just has Steve, an ugly man who randomly appeared out of nowhere and started cutting trees with his hand.

I think Minecraft is better

Ones Like Carl CJ Johnson And Trevor Phillips Are Better, Because Minecraft Doesn't Have Any Protagonists - VideoGamefan5

7 Grand Theft Auto is more violent

Grand theft auto sucks, and how does blood make it more fun. That makes no sense

Remember what I said about blood and gore making a good game? Grand Theft Auto is better and bloodier.

Nope. Blood and gore does not make a game good or bad. So that's one item I disagree with. - TheYoshiPyro64

8 GTA online has better game modes

Deathmatches better than Call of Duty, races better than Forza Motorsport, and a huge variety of games. Minecraft is just survival games and that's about it.

9 Minecraft has no vehicles

Grand Theft Auto has motorcycles, SUVs, supercars, tanks, helicopters, and jets. Minecraft just has boats, which Grand Theft Auto has better boats.

Boats. Horses. Wings. Minecarts. - LarrytheFairy

10 Grand Theft Auto has a better world than Minecraft

No minecraft is better than Grand Theft Auto cause a ages can play not just 18 and up

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11 Minecraft servers are full of hackers

Grand Theft Auto also has hackers mainly in the online mode but any game with online multiplayer is gonna have hackers - christangrant

They ruined all the fun.

12 Grand Theft Auto has better graphics

Sure, it looks realistic enough, but what Notch did with Minecraft was his own design choice for the graphics.

Much Better Graphics - VideoGamefan5

13 Grand Theft Auto is more diverse
14 Grand Theft Auto V Is Best Selling In PS3,PS4,XBOX 360,XBOX ONE And PC

Grand Theft Auto V Have Best Selling From All PS,XBOX And PC About 500M-2B Downloads

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1. Grand Theft Auto has a better world than Minecraft
2. Grand Theft Auto has better weapons
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1. Grand Theft Auto is more fun to play
2. Minecraft youtubers suck
3. Minecraft has a more annoying fanbase
1. Grand Theft Auto is more diverse
2. GTA online has better game modes
3. Minecraft has no vehicles

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