Top 10 Ways Gravity Falls is Better Than Steven Universe

The Top Ten Ways Gravity Falls is Better Than Steven Universe

1 The overarching plot is way better
2 Better writing

HAHA no.

3 Characters are more lovable and better designed

Only Giffany and that's It.

4 Gravity falls is more emotionally impacting

Just watch the Newer SU seasons - UltraIsBack

5 Better fanbase

They both have terrible fandoms, no offense.

6 It's more interesting
7 The comedy blows Steven Universe out of the park
8 Bill Cipher is in it

@Visitor, but they can't summon heads that don't stop screaming.


I’m sorry but the Diamonds are better antagonists than Bill.

9 Better episodes
10 It's way more consistent

True, but keep in mind that girlfriend only had 2 seasons, while SU has around 5 now, each with many episodes, so its not really a fair comparison.

The Contenders

11 Mabel is Funnier Than Steven
12 Bill Cipher would wipe the floor with the Diamonds

He'd give White Diamond something to be afraid of.

13 Better Animation
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