Ways Guys Have It Harder Than Girls

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1 We deal with girls

Okay look-Most of these are extremely sexist. Girls can bleed for 5-7 days and survive...I don't think that you can really compare people like this, because there are guys that fit a lot of the criteria, and a lot of girls fit the criteria, and there are girls that don't complain, don't cry in public, don't whine,(or at least, rarely whine.) don't have "attitudes," (and everyone has attitudes, good attitudes and bad attitudes, what that means though is, girls are sassy, which isn't always true...) so on and so forth. I would be equally as offended if this was about guys, so don't get me wrong, but it's offensive to say that 1 sex has to deal with another's problems, and that the other is, overall, unlikable and rude.

Why didn't you just name the list "top reasons girls suck"? - happyhappyjoyjoy

This list is full of crap. Well, I knew it would be anyway, since guys /don't/ have it harder than girls. Not even close. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

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2 Girls complain a lot

This is sexist. It's true that a lot of girls complain a lot... But I have some friends that are girls that don't complain much. People complain a lot, not just girls. Trust me, I know...

Sorry girls, I have to agree on this one. - Therandom

I must admit this is true, sorry guys. - hannahthebanana

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3 We do hard house work
4 Girls can cry in public

Yeah, but "big girls don't cry" (sing along! ) - PetSounds

5 Girls can scream
6 Guys can't have anything private
7 Guys are the ones who get blamed for rape or harassment

Why does society think that sexual harassment can only happen to girls? There's such a thing as a woman sexually harassing a man U know, but of course it goes like this, a girl comes up and harasses a man, nothing happens, but when a guy comes up and harasses a woman WE GET ARRESTED! BULL CRAP

Seriously, it's like if sexual activity happens it's automatically the guy's fault, girls can just come up to a guy and flirt with him and it's fine, but when guys do it we get in trouble because we were "Sexually Harassing" them

I'm tired of society treating men like we're just a bunch of pervs, people need to wake up and realize that 1: girls can be like that too. And 2: not all guys are like that

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8 Girls take over everything
9 Girls whine a lot
10 Girls have attitudes

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11 Girls don't tell you what they want
12 Most of history's worst humans are male
13 They're bullied more than girls

Except for sexist bullying and appearance-related bullying.

14 Girls are on their phones too much
15 Girls don't have balls
16 Girls don't carry sperm
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