Ways to Have Fun On My Sims Kingdom DS

I beat the game and fulfilled half the people. Sadly, my file got deleted and I can't recover it. I still know a lot about the game so I can make this list.

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1 Try New Things

Say you are tired of trying to fulfill Victoria. Go try something else like trying to get a new high score at ghost hunting. Since it is a sim game, there are a lot of different things you could do. Say you wanted to know how to unlock the balloon game. Instead of going fishing or playing snowball fight, try talking to Roy a lot of times to try and unlock the game. You know what I mean so try new things and you should have more fun. - pupie4life

2 Play the Game Twice

Say you already got star 4 and that is your favourite part of the game. You can do it again because the game lets you make 2 files. If you are lazy to keep having to start over, just save the game at a certain point before the part you want to play then play there without saving. Always works for me like when I want to play the ending again. Sucks that my button doesn't work because I would like to start the whole game if I could on one file. - pupie4life

3 Do Random Things

Being random is kinda fun. For example, build a wall all around Roy's store when he is working and before he enters. Or maybe you can build a house and when people move in, move the house to kick them out. It's pretty fun if done right but not so fun if not done right. Ex. You trap Roy in walls before his shift and you just stare at him. -good. Try to spend all your money on a lot of couches but end up designing clothes with Sharon then system freezes while saving. -bad. -that's the way how my game deleted so it's only fun if done right. - pupie4life

4 Host Playdates

Really. Look at your buddy list then randomly pick a few people to hang out with during the day. Hang out with them by talking, staring, playing minigames, and messing with them. Ex, You picked Roy in the morning so you can talk or maybe play nicki nicki ni people. If you pick Amy at night, you can play stargazing, run around her, and go up and down the gondola although you will have to talk to Emily but that is okay. Try hanging out with someone that has something for you to do or most likely, you will get bored. - pupie4life

5 Try to Beat the Game

Just do it. Doing it for the first time may make you feel like better things are happening in the game. You will also try to keep playing. If you can't because of something you can't beat, try fulfilling people. You can always repeat parts of the game to. My fulfilling record in 1 sim day is 4 people. If you are quick, maybe you can get 14 only if you plan ahead of time. If you are having trouble beating the game, maybe just look online for a walkthrough or some cheats. - pupie4life

6 Try Fulfilling People
7 Play a Mimigame Like 50 Times or Something to Try and Make a Lot of Money
8 Play Every Minigame 3 Times a Day
9 Talk to Everyone Only Once During the Day
10 Don't Do Anything. Just Relax
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