Top Ten Ways to Help Get Over a Relative or Close Friend's Passing Away

A few months ago my grandad, who I was very close to, died of a post cancer disease. It took a while but eventually I was able to except he was gone and continue with life as it was before. It is hard but this is how I did it

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1 Try to feel happy at the memories you've had with them

This was very helpful during the last few weeks of me taking care of my mom, and it will ensure the best outcome possible for your mental health and is a very healthy way to cope with the situation - styLIShT

Really sorry for your loss, Jack. This is a lovely list. I haven't experienced the death of a close relative so it's so difficult to say how I'd cope but since my family and I are always reminiscing about special days we've spent together, I like to think we'd carry on the tradition to help each other through the sad and tough time when a loved one passes. - Britgirl

If you remember all the good times you've had rather than the death, you will think about them and smile at the memories rather than feel down

2 Carry on with your life as normal

If I died, I would hate to see my death ruin someone's life. I would want them to carry on their normal lives and make the most of it

3 Talk to people about it

Personally I had coucelling but it is easier to talk to people you are close to like friends or family. It helps to say how you feel

4 Find a hobby or interest to distract you

I listened to lots and lots of music, and started learning guitar off YT

5 Cry if you need to

When my best friend Karen died, I couldn't stop crying; it's all I remember doing. I actually thought I'd die from the pain and sadness. But over the weeks / months I cried less untill the pain lessened and was able to cope with not having her around. My family got me through it. I still miss her so much. - Britgirl

Don't hold it all in or you will feel worse, crying releases your emotions and makes you feel better afterwords

6 Remember that they had a good life

This may not always be true but it applies to me

7 Keep photos of them around your home so it feels like they are still with you

I still don't feel like my grandad is gone, he remains in the memories with have of him in photos and what we remember

8 If they have a partner visit the partner lots

Not only will the person feel less lonely but you'll probably feel closer to the person who passed away

9 Talk online

It's a good distraction and it's easier to talk when you're sad online than it is to talk in real life. TheTopTens and BAND helped me through a lot

10 Take a few days off to adjust

You will probably need a while to get your emotions together and carry on

I'm sorry for your loss. May your grandad rest in peace. - TwilightKitsune

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11 Be open to signs they are showing you everything is ok, they are with you, and not to worry
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