Top 10 Ways Humanity Is Cruel


The Top Ten

1 We kill other animals for sport

We kill animals for sport due to over population problems! There are much worse problems in humanity!

I think it's the cruelest of all I mean seriously what did animals do do us?

2 We gas dogs

This is terrible! Poor dog! - Wolftail

3 We enslave others
4 We murder

Should be number one with genocide

5 We like to pollute

I don't think we 'like' to, it's just that burning coal and oil is a quick, and often easy process, and there are people who see no reason to change it. - Flamesofsilver

6 We bully each other

Sadly, the biggest targets are people with disorders of any kind. - Turkeyasylum

7 We wage war
8 We steal
9 We are mean to ants

This is a serious problem worldwide.
Why won't people just put themselves in the ants' shoes.
The government needs to intervene in this inhumane practise. - Flamesofsilver

10 We call each other bad names

The Contenders

11 We don't want to be saved
12 We rape each other
13 We are intolerant
14 We are selfish
15 We judge by cover
16 We humiliate each other just because we get pleasure out of it
17 We lie
18 We use life lessons as excuses to do whatever bad thing we want
19 We destroy one's hopes and dreams
20 We molest children
21 We rape children
22 We abuse each other
23 We get pleasure out of killing animals
24 We don't care for others that are suffering right now
25 We're perverted
26 We're not accepting of others
27 We torture
28 We love drugs
29 We're uncivilized
30 We want to suffer
31 We are sadistic
32 We're racist
33 We wish death upon other people
34 We wish misery upon other people
35 We vandalize
36 We insult people with disorders
37 We don't want to learn morals and values
38 We don't care about morals and values
39 We enjoy seeing other people suffer
40 We force people to watch scary things
41 We drive people to suicide
42 We harm people for no reason
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