Top Ten Ways That Husbands Help Their Wives With the Housework

Men are lovely aren't they? We women must give the little dears credit where it's due, mustn't we? )
This list is just tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken seriously. After all, men are such sensitive creatures...

The Top Ten

1 They go to bed for a few hours so you can clean downstairs

You do know that a husband should also help their wives clean down stairs because it not very fair that a wife has to do all the cleaning, while the husband doesn't do anything at all. A wife deserves a break from cleaning, and children should also help their mothers clean the house.

My mom, as the sole parent of the household, works full-time and takes care of my sisters and I, AND the house. What a superhero! - keycha1n

Sometimes after working a 50 hour week, providing for a house to live in, food to eat, clothes on backs, etc, we need a little recharging nap.
I, for one, would love to trade housework for a full-time job. Though many of us (on both sides of the gender coin) end up doing both. - Finch

I know this is a joke (it is a good list), but I'd just like to say that some Women make men do all the work. Feminism sucks.

2 They tell you the correct way to lift heavy objects so you can carry them safely from one room to another

Husbands should be the one that's lifting a heavy object!

Now that's just having safety in mind. Which is better, some good advice or a back injury? - Finch

3 They helpfully point out parts you may have missed

If a husband is going to help his wife by pointing out the parts that his wife have missed, then why can't a husband help their wives clean up the mess. It shows how lazy a husband can be.

Just where would you be without our courteous constructive criticism to guide you every step of the way? - PetSounds

And that would be approximately 99% of it. - PositronWildhawk

My dad does this a lot. - RockFashionista

4 They stack the chairs on the table so you have a nice clear space to wash the floor
5 They plug the Hoover in for you
6 They tell you when it rains so you can bring the washing in from the line
7 They tell you when they've used the last of the toilet roll so you can replace it

If a man uses the last of the toilet roll and wants his wife to replace it, then her should change the toilet paper himself! How hard is it!? Is a husband trying to treat a woman like his personal servant/maid? Is he trying to be the "extra child" so his wife has to do everything!? Well guess what? It's not hard to change a toilet paper roll! It's easy!

8 They lift their feet for you to clean underneath them

Only sometimes the foot is just too comfortable on the floor... - PositronWildhawk

9 They open the door for you to carry heavy shopping through

Who says chivalry is dead? - Finch

10 They reach for the cups from the cupboard so you can make tea

Unless she married a man shorter than she is... - Finch

The Contenders

11 They throw their washing next to the basket in a neat little pile

It also helps their wife know they have some washing to go in the machine.

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