Top Ten Ways iCarly is Better Than Victorious


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1 Cat Valentine Cat Valentine Cat Valentine was one of main character in American-teen sitcom Victorious . She was portrayed by Ariana Grande .

Ok, ICarly sucks and is the most annoying show that comes to mind.

Victorious has a better plot and better characters. The characters are actually nice to each other. Victorious was better in literally every way. - Trucker55

There's Sam and Cat - maddiefretzthegirl

As much as I love Victorious, Cat is a really bad character with a terrible high-pitched voice. At least iCarly dosen't have any characters that are THIS bad. - ModernShowsSuck

ICarly doesn’t even have any FAMOUS people. Victorious has Victoria, Ariana, Danielle, and Liz. Lol. - Trucker55

2 Victorious went downhill faster

It is true, it took Victorious 2 YEARS to go downhill, while it took iCarly only 3 years. - ModernShowsSuck

3 Victoria Justice has fake singing

I completely despise the singing of Victoria Justice in this show. It is way too fake, but with that being said, some of the other characters have great singing. - ModernShowsSuck

4 Spencer Shay Spencer Shay

Spencer is the best! Never compare any other Dan Schnieder character to him! - ModernShowsSuck

5 Victorious' laugh track is much more repetitive

I honestly think the comedy is great but the laugh track just lowers it down. - ModernShowsSuck

6 iCarly characters have had much more development

Yeah, I think most Victorious characters are great but they need some more development. - ModernShowsSuck

7 iCarly's first seasons were funnier

I love Victorious humor but iCarly's humor was a little better (at the first seasons). - ModernShowsSuck

8 Victorious had a lot more potential to be better

ICarly did too, but Victorious had a lot more. - ModernShowsSuck

9 Victorious did not have a perfect ending

Victorious was cancelled, while iCarly ended. - kcianciulli

Yeah, sadly ): - ModernShowsSuck

10 iCarly's more original

It's a lot more original than Victorious. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

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11 Cat's voice became more high-pitched by every season

Her voice is ungodly! - ModernShowsSuck

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