Top Ten Ways Iggy Azalea is Better Than Lil Wayne

Here's the reason Iggy still is better than Lil Wayne, the worst rapper ever and the ugliest men alive.

The Top Ten

1 She raps and sings better than him.

Common Lil Wayne can't rap, he can't sing as well, his voice is ugly, it looks like a person dying. - LukeTargaryen

2 Her songs are better

True,she's truly better than Lil Wayne:) I'm her number one fan!

Her songs are mostly electro hop, but still is better than his garbage songs with worst verses ever. - LukeTargaryen

3 Lil Wayne only raps about money, drugs and women

His garbage songs are so hard to hear, his songs are rarely about something else. - LukeTargaryen

4 his voice is terrible, it looks like someone is dying.

Worst voice ever, please even Birdman has a better voice. - LukeTargaryen

5 Iggy's verses are way better
6 Lil Wayne is ugly

Never saw someone so ugly as him, not only he's not attractive, but he's ugly inside as well, he's a drugged guy that can't sing, he's worst than anything ever. - LukeTargaryen

7 He uses autotune in everything

Remember the song lollipop - LukeTargaryen

8 Kids rap better than him
9 He thinks he's better than Eminem

Eminem is the rap god, saying Lil Wayne is better than Eminem is like saying Justin Bieber is better than Michael Jackson. - LukeTargaryen

They both collaborated on the song no love so I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually think that - samanime

10 She isn't mediocre
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