Top Ten Ways Iggy Azalea Is Better Than Miley Cyrus

The Top Ten

1 Iggy Is Hot

This List is wrong.

Who knew the number 1 spot would be about her outside appearance?

Most beautiful woman alive

No she's not

2 We Can't Stop Was One Of The Worst Songs Of 2013

Fancy was the best of 2014 - iggyjepsen

And Fancy Was One Of The Worst Songs Of 2014. Your argument is invalid.

3 Work Was Better Than Wrecking Ball

Work is way better all of her songs are better than mileys - iggyjepsen

4 Iggy Sounds Better

both suck

She sounds 100% better than smiley nasty ads voice - iggyjepsen

Your argument is invalid. They both suck. - ThePwoperMuser101

Iggy is literally amazing, and Miley... Is. Just. Insane.

5 All Miley Does Is Twerk

I know that she twerk but I didn’t know that she ONLY twerk. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

6 Iggy Treats Her Fans With Respect

When I meet her it will be the best day of my life - iggyjepsen

7 Her Songs
8 Miley Is Annoying

Iggy isn't annoying

So is Iggy Azalea. - 3DG20

9 Miley Was In Hannah Montana

That's nothing to hate someone for

10 Iggy Writes Her Own Songs

The Contenders

11 Iggy's Performances Are Not Vulgar and Pornographic
12 Iggy Sings About Butts

How is this a reason? - ElSherlock

She gay

13 Iggy never got arrested
14 Iggy Keeps Her Clothes On
15 Iggy is Australian

Not a reason. - RobertWisdom

16 Miley Licks Stuff
17 Iggy Doesn't Sound Like a Man
18 Iggy Doesn't Take Drugs
19 Iggy Azalea Doesn't Sing Wrecking Ball or Doesn't Twerk

She sings “Fancy” though. - 3DG20

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