Top Ten Ways to Improve Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer

Judging from what I've seen online, I must be in the minority because I actually enjoy playing Ghosts online. The updated perks system and weapons customizations give you so many more options to play with and so many different styles of soldier you can create.

That said, there are some things that could be done to improve the experience.

The Top Ten

1 Add Smaller Maps

One of the common themes across almost all the maps included in Ghosts is their size. Some so much so that you can spend a considerable amount of time running around sightseeing because there is no one to shoot at.

2 Add Cleaner Lines of Sight

Even though the maps are large, there is relatively little opportunity for tradition (non quick-scoping) snipers because the action is always so close. There is no need to have a high powered scope because all it gives you is an up close view of the obstacle in front of you. For most maps, you can get by just fine with an ACOG.

3 Add Better Support Streaks
4 Allow Larger Lobbies

Big maps is a problem, unless you have more people.

5 Remove Humiliation Field Order

Tea-bagging used to be an annoying thing 11 year olds did thinking they were hilarious. And now it is built into the game. Who green lighted that one? First time I was instructed to humiliate the next person I killed, I had to look up what that even meant... and then I didn't believe the post I found.

6 Add Intimidating Sniper Rifles

Sure, they are just as deadly, but you don't feel it when you shoot them. There is not satisfying BOOM like when you pulled the trigger of the Modern Warfare Barrett.50 cal.

7 Remove Dog Killstreak

Say what you want about it being over-powered and that the dogs have been seen to perform other-wordly feats in order to kill someone, but my biggest grief is that there is a dog in the first place. I simply don't like the idea of having the shoot a dog. Period.

8 Take Care of Lag Issues

On the Xbox One this doesn't seem to be a problem, but more that one person has labeled the game unplayable on the 360 because of lag issues.

BAdd New Item

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Top Remixes

1. Add Smaller Maps
2. Add Cleaner Lines of Sight
3. Add Intimidating Sniper Rifles
1. Add Smaller Maps
2. Add Better Support Streaks
3. Add Intimidating Sniper Rifles
1. Add Better Support Streaks
2. Add Smaller Maps
3. Allow Larger Lobbies


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