Top Ten Ways to Improve the Modern Music Industry

The Top Ten

Create More Heavy Metal Bands

People have a terrible stereotype that heavy metal is full-on screaming death metal. I need to get into my family's heads that the music I listen to is not that. Avenged Sevenfold's City Of Evil is a good example of this. - Lem

They should also have more foreign bands get distribution to the us if that foreign band wanted to have another country listen to them.

I would say in general, have more talent. It doesn't matter the genre. - SwagFlicks

I'm in one, so I might be able to help with this. - AngryByrd

Create Meaningful Lyrics In Songs

This is a department in which most modern pop/rap music lacks. Halsey has great lyrics though, and I wish more music artists would write lyrics that are just as good. Also, there should be more songs about more important issues, not just 12538216542164 songs about relationships. - allamassal

This has been seriously lacking in the past decade and a half


Even if I say it'll be alright
Still I hear you say you want to end your life
Now and again we try to just stay alive
Maybe we'll turn it around cause it's not too late
It's never too late


Baby, baby, baby, oh
Baby, baby, baby, oh
Baby, baby, baby, oh

Stop Using Autotune

Autotune can be used in a way that's good, but if it's to cover up an off-key singer like it probably is in many songs, then no. - allamassal

In other words, put talent and work into it. - PositronWildhawk

We need singers who don't use autotune on radios worldwide.

Instead of using autotune learn singing - zxm

Get Rid of Teenage Pop Singers

Without teenage singers there would never have been Michael Jackson.Why should you stop someone from pursuing their goal because of their age? 69 the rapper is not a teenager and he sucks.

They used to be good like Michael jackson and stevie wonder now it's the opposite like Justin beiber and Miley Cyrus - simpsondude

I think that rather than getting rid of all teenage pop singers, we should replace them with ones who can actually sing and make quality songs, I like to believe those still exist if we just looked for them and gave them attention. - sofiav

Individual acts usually have only an 18-24 month shelf life, but there will always be a new one coming up.

Create More Hard Rock Bands

Per #1. - SwagFlicks

Reintroduce "Talent" to the Radio
If You Want To Be A Good Rapper, Listen To Every Tupac Shakur Song

Or Immortal Technique and Hopsin.I think they're better but Tupac is still good.-DarkBoi-X

Or Eminem.Both Tupac and Eminem are the greatest rappers but Snoop Dogg,Biggie Smalls,Dr.Dre,DMX and Fort Minor are good too.Stupid mumble rappers like Lil Pump and 21 Savage are ruining rap.At least we still have Kendrick Lamar,Lupe Fiasco and Macklemore who are also great.-DarkBoi-X

Rap. yes you can rap. just add some rock/metal music in your songs and have some talented guitarists,drummers,bassist,keyboardists - zxm

If You Want to Be a Pop Singer, Listen to Michael Jackson

Maybe but not necessarily Chris Brown cites him as his main influence and he is the worst big time pop star of the 21st century. Of course there are some pop stars who do make better music influenced by him (Bruno Mars, The Weeknd) but pop would be boring if everyone tried to sound like Michael Jackson. - Powell

MJ straight up ripped off James Brown's act, and his singing ripped off Jackie Wilson and Frankie Lymon; listen to them.

Put Morals and Values Back Into Music

Who cares. I'm so sick and tired of songs about partying, drinking, doing drugs, and having no real message.

What about rappers like Tupac? Who talk about women's rights and other important things?

If you actually look into genres such as rap and pop, they actually still have amazing themes today. - SwagFlicks

Impossible while Rap and Rappers exist.

Get Music Producers to Stop Writing Annoying Pop Songs for Annoying Pop Singers

The Contenders

Inform more people about how rock and metal are not Satanic
Stop Singing and Rapping About Sex, Drugs and Money

Mike Shinoda is probably the only rapper who DOESN'T rap about that stuff. - Lem

There IS a way to make these topics meaningful. rappers and pop singers don't know how. - ThatStrangeKid42

There's still people who make those types of material meaningful, you just have to actually prod around until you find them. - SwagFlicks

Let 'N Sync Teach One Direction How to Sing

No, you got it wrong, let Boyz II Men take care of it.

Both 'N Sync and One Direction are bad, but both of them are basically done at this point. - SwagFlicks

Get Better Critics
Put Justin Bieber and His Music In the Trash Where It Belongs

He's taking care of that all on his own, thankfully.

It should definitely happen.

Teach Nicki Minaj How to Write Quality Songs

Don't bother trying. Even if she had Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, and Holland-Dozier-Holland working for her, it wouldn't help her sound any better.

Even if she had help from all the songwriters I know(Wonder, Gaye, Lennon/McCartney, Prince, Jagger/Richards, Dylan, Holly, Perkins, Berry,) and even all of the Classical composers like Beethoven and Mozart, I don't know if it would work out.

Make Lil Wayne Listen to Some Tupac and Biggie So He Can Learn What Real Rapping Is

Again don't bother, they sucked too.

Stop Buying Bad Music

Unless and until people change their mentality, there won't be even a slightest bit of improvement in the industry until the sun disappears..Producers don't give a hoot regarding writing soulful music as they're concerned more about filling their pockets, which they've accomplished through the understanding of the masses desire for catchy and manufactured music... - Arhaan95

Most of us live in free countries and I am afraid nobody can ban or eliminate pop, rap or whatever you don't like (there are some items on this list with this message). But if people stop buying crap this crap will disappear. This can happen if people get more music knowledge and information.
I am a metal fan and I am pretty happy with my choice. Metal is a huge and very diverse genre and there is something for everyone. I mean, even if somebody doesn't like fast and heavy riffs and beats, there are great metal ballads that are way better than the overplayed songs on your average radio. Metal is not all-screaming, on the contrary - dare to say that the best singers are currently in metal. And yes, the majority of the metal bands are not satanic. - Metal_Treasure

Stop Disney from Making Terrible Teen Actors/actresses Into Terrible Teen Singers

Talented rock/metal teenagers are playing great music in their garages while talentless teenagers come to disney and make themselves famous. - zxm

Thank you for adding this. One of the worst problems. Take Arianna Grande and (the old) Miley Cyrus, but the new one socks even more. - Alpha101

Create More Industrial Rock Bands
Ban Inappropriate Music from the Radio
Eliminate All Rap

Rap isn't music to me. Rock dominates rap - Sabbath

I love rap...
And all of rap isn't bad, goddammit. This will NOT improve the industry at all. It'll worsen it, and fans of rap will be enraged. - Jasmine21064

At least make rap like it was back in the 90's. Where it had real, REAL messages.

Cannot actually be considered music.

It can be considered music, because it fits into the definition. - SwagFlicks

Create Singing Competition For Aspiring Metal Singers

I imagine something like The Voice and Americal Idol but for metal singers. - Metal_Treasure

Make Pop Music Less Loud
Allow Vocaloid to Play a Role in the Music Industry

Humans can't hit all the notes a vocaloid can, and the songs are created by composers and song writers only; you don't end up having to change a song to fit a singer which generally spawns better songs. Also most vocaloid songs are fan content so there are as many songs in as many genres for vocaloids in 1 year as there is for a band in five. The characters do have their own personalities and even interact with other characters, Hatsune Miku does have a world tour now!

Their vocals have been improving a lot. Hatsune Miku English sounds pretty good too, like the song "Zedd- Spectrum ft. Hatsune Miku"

Their songs are so beautiful, emotional and epic!
And the MMD thing is pretty cool.
And the hologram live performances.

No More Dubstep

You mean no more mainstream dubstep. There is the rare musician that makes it good, but people think that this skill comes to anyone. That's why the most popular dubstep is noise. The stuff that nobody knows about is the good stuff. - PositronWildhawk

Have More Foreign Artists Play on the Radio

Turkish and Indian pop.

What for3erign artists would you reccoumend - RecklessGreed

Make Music Less Corporate
Stop Mainstream Electronic Music And Prioritize The Good Electronic Music

Electronic music was practically perfect without the 1D-style stuff that came relatively recently. - PositronWildhawk

Who gets to decide what "Good" is?

I wanna hear trance, bubblegum dance, jungle, breakbeat, hardbass, and industrial on the radio!

What does that even mean?

Resurrect Artists We Have Lost In the Past

Ok then, get science books, magazines then do experiments, and try to make a time machine to the past and bring back your favourite singers that passed away. Get Michael Jackson to sort out his health he was near death, give Elvis weight loss, John Lennon was only in his 40s when he was murdered, so to the 1960s and get all of The Beatles to now.
If you are really annoyed about music nowadays how about a time machine to bring back Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

More people should be inspired by the great music of Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, etc. - allamassal

Ex: Elvis, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tupac Shakur, Amy Winehouse, The Notorious B.I.G. , Johnny Cash, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, Duane Allman, John Bonham... the list is to long. Bring some of these artist back and we will have amazing music to listen to. - greatesttop10s

Limit the Amount of Rap and Pop Music There Is

Not eliminate it, but limit it. - anonygirl

Teach Taylor Swift Some Good Morals
Shoot Simon Cowell

It would be much better to just get him out of the music industry. - allamassal

I don't like him but isn't trying to murder him too far? - Swellow

That guy is just a jerk. I'm so glad that he left American Idol for good.

Stop All Country Music

Really, stupid Americans just really love Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Toby Keith, Big & Rich, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, Kelly Clarkson, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, all that crap. And they only listen to that crap, even though the rest of the world (even just looking at UK and Australia) have brilliant and better music.

The worst country music is still better than the best rap ever made.

Ban Kidz Bop

Kidz Bop is kids singing along to already terrible garbage basically horrendous covers. Someone please make this extinct! Cause this sucks!

Kidz Bop is inappropriate.

Kidz Bop is pain.

Make Bars & Melody no.1 in the top 100 charts

Two high schoolers who are brill.

More Taylor Swift

I think more Taylor Swift would make music worst. I'd rather have less Taylor Swift and more Green Day!

Change Madonna back
Create Video Game Songs to Put on the Radio
Ban Rap Songs and Rappers

If that's the case, we should ban all music. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's going to go away. - SwagFlicks

A pestilence on civilization.

Anyone can talk fast - Lem

It barely qualifies as music. - PositronWildhawk

Abolish Vevo

They're constantly robbing American citizens of good music (see: A Flock of Seagulls, Squeeze, Visage, The Stone Roses, Altered Images, Public Image Ltd., etc.) while force-feeding the crap to them. Down with this channel!

Stop Doing Pop Covers
Ban Teen Pop
Producers and Labels Having Less Control Over Artists

Clearly there is huge pressure from big label to simplify songs, add compression, cut any political message... If labels let the artist take more liberties, music could be much more creative. - JoLeKosovo

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